Friday, February 27, 2009

Walking at last!

It is so cold outside, but when I get him into the car,
it is so hard to buckle him in!! He doesn't seem
to mind it too much though :)

Here is my husband doing a great job of shoveling the
side walk. It snowed A LOT!

He was happy about something, but I don't know
what. I just can't deny him anything when he grins
at me!

What, this isn't normal?

Just hanging out, reading a book and playing with toys...
actually what he likes to do is take all the toys out!
So here he is! My big boy is FINALLY walking! We are so
excited and he is sure excited. He is really getting too big!
He has been standing on his own for a while and it was been
so neat to see his transformation from that to walking. Andy
was persistent in getting him to walk, and when he finally did,
Andy wasn't even there! And we weren't even home. We were
at Cicily's house and he just up and walked clear across the
living room! I couldn't believe me eyes!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day late this year. The dog was suppose to be our Valentine's but we decided to have a do-over since it didn't work out. Before Andy home from work on Friday I told him that that night he could choose to do whatever he wanted to do as long as he wanted to do it. So I asked where he wanted me to pick up take out and if he wanted to watch a movie or play games. We ordered greek from University Grill (which is quickly becoming one of our favorites) and then sat down to enjoy a night playing with Jesse and enjoying each other. We chased Jesse around the house and encouraged him to do some walking. Once Jesse went to bed, I watched a movie while andy played on his xbox. Now to some of you this may sound ridiculous, but there are not many times that Andy gets to just play on his xbox the games he wants without me harping on him. So that was our Valentines. We decided that instead of doing gushy lovey stuff, we would just relax and spend time as a family. So here is to two hard yet wonderful years of marriage and wonderful family to show for it. Love you Andy.

Monday, February 16, 2009


So for all of you people who said "I told you so," this post is for you. We decided, or more like I decided, that we were not keeping the dog. Sometimes I don't understand my husband, but we had a good chat about spontaneity and how it was NOT okay. :) I gave the dog a day, and already I was becoming anxious about our house smelling like a dog, and the minute allergic reactions Jesse was having. So we will not be keeping him and probably will not get a dog (maybe ever, we'll see). After we decided Andy said to me: "I don't think I am a dog person." And I said DUH! He is actually allergic to dogs himself but for some reason always wanted one. Who knows with him. So Bon Voyage Sargent Pepper.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meet Seargent Pepper

This is our new dog. Let me tell you the story.
I told Andy that for this year he had to at least
get me a card for Valentine's Day.Last year I
got a piece of paper folded in fourths and with
the writing "I love you" on it. Exciting right? (I
know I really shouldn't complain). So Andy mentioned
he was going to make it a great V-day so he had
planned this big surprise. He left Friday night to
pick him up and when he walked in the door, lets just
just say I was less than happy. We had previously agreed
that we wouldn't get a dog for a while and he goes and buys
one. So I went straight to bed and said little to Andy to
avoid hurting his feelings. So Saturday I woke up and
play with Pepper and he is a pretty well trained dog
for ten months. He sleeps on the landing going down
stairs. Today we discovered a chewing problem
so we will see how long this lasts. He is cute, but
that doesn't mean I am attached. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mobility Pays Off

Jesse doesn't like to lay down in the bath anymore.
So i decided to use a cup to wash out his hair. But he
really likes cups. He likes them so much that he has
almost drowned himself by trying to drink an ENTIRE
cup of bath water. And every time he does it, he doesn't
catch on.

So one of the things I do to keep Jesse occupied is
open our Tupperware drawer and let him pull out
pieces to play with. So the other day he figured out
that he can CLIMB inside the drawer. It was so cute
and I was so afraid that he was going to fall out!
He is my little dare devil already!

Watch mom, no hands.....well at least I was
going to until you stopped me!

Then the other day I found out him stuck
in this toy. I laughed so hard because he
got himself there!

He is at such a fun age! I just adore spending time with him