Thursday, May 20, 2010

And then there were four....

Tiffany came to visit us for a week and we had a lot of fun! While she was here we went to Multnomah falls, the beach, boneville dam, and a few other misc places. It was so nice to see her, and this would be our last time for about 18 months! She left for the MTC on May 5th (two days after she got home from Oregon). Here are a few pics of our adventures:
These are Jesse's new sandals which he was anxious to show off (Old Navy $2.50)
Latrell Falls (I think) had a nice little hike to the base and
it was beautiful to see up close!
At the actual Mutlnomah Falls, and Jesse loved riding on Tiff's shoulders.
About a week later Andy's parents came down to visit as well! We have had an eventful month!
We also went to Multnomah Falls with them but did a few more hikes than I had done before. This particular falls is Bridal Veil falls and was well worth the steep hike!
A cute pictures of Jesse looking up at me
We visited the park where Jesse learned how to go down (and climb up) the slide all by himself. As you can tell he is pretty pleased with himself.
Sorry about all the nude pictures- but this one was funny. He found some snow boots recently that he hasn't been able to part with. I let him run around without clothes on in hopes that he would tell me if he had to go to the bathroom (didn't happen ps) and he winded up with the boots on, watering my plants for me on our porch! Our neighbors probably think we are crazy or neglectful parents :). Anyway it was too good to pass up a picture.
When we went to the beach with Andy's parents it was a wonderful day and both Dad and son had some fun in the sand.
Jesse was so funny when we went to this particular beach (Nesquin)! He let us bury him and then wouldn't get out of the sand. He looked so warm and comfortable and kept on saying "blanket" and "Jesse sleepin." He was a mess to clean up, but he enjoyed it.
Visiting Mo's for lunch.
Here is a current pictures of me pregnant. Not a flattering one by far, but I just thought I would post something. Jesse just chose that exact moment to need to be held. I am getting to where i can't pick him up too easily anymore. My back has gotten more sensitive to large loads like Jesse (35 lbs!).
Here is an ultrasound taken of our little one. Our little girl- that's right, we are having a GIRL! We are pretty excited and have already bought an outfit. I am going to have a problem with girl clothes because there are SOOOOO many cute ones out there!!! (IF you can't tell this is profile pictures of the side of her face, and her knees are pointed towards her nose, pretty cute little position).
Jesse was entertained for hours this morning playing with his little toys on the table. He is such a good boy!
Jesse updates: he loves Pizza! We don't have it that often, but he seems to think so many other things are pizza-like spaghetti. :) He is a very good helper and loves to water my plants (as seen in the previous picture). He understands a little of what is going on and the new addition to our family, but it will take a while getting used to. I was in the garage getting out different things to clean up (going through some nesting) and Jesse insisted that they were his toys and he wanted me to take them upstairs so HE could play with him. I got out the swing and he was pushing a leaf in it, and a little too vigorously at that.....We'll be talking to him about the baby lots and lots over the next couple of months so he doesn't do the same to her in the swing. A couple of stories: When we were in the ultrasound he looked at the baby that we were pointing out to him (not that he knew what was going on) and said "I love you baby." It was pretty darn cute. Also when we went to the beach after he was buried in the sand, we headed home so I took off all his clothes to get him in a new diaper and feeling a little cleaner. I set him down next to the car (naked mind you) and the next thing I knew he was half way accross a public parking lot streaking!! It was pretty funny and I am not sure how he was able to run barefoot on the pavement because it hurt my feet! But he was laughing and thought he was a big shot....We'll have to not have him be naked so much or something :). Anway, that is all for now! I am halfway through my pregnancy and loving feeling the little baby move around! Until Later!
Oh and Andy and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary today! Its been a wonderful four years! Love you Andy!