Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New toys!

So we got a new toy for jesse today: a crawling gym is wonderful! He loves it, as you can tell by this picture. He was so happy that he was singing a long with jack johnson while i was doing the dishes. There is a mirror he can see himself in, a fish that sings, something to kick (which he is not really kicking in this picture) and even something fun to look at while he is on his stomach. It even converts to a tunnel! Anyway- i am writing as I am listening to him scream himself to sleep. Hopefully just a couple more nights of this and he will finally be in the routine of falling asleep on his own without mom's help!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

taking a pacifier!!

no new pictures today, but i am happy to say that this day has started out VERY well! We finally got jesse to start on his new schedule of taking a nice long nap in the morning, one in the afternoon and tonight we will see how he is about sleeping in his crib- FINALLY! After spending the weekend at Will and Julie's, I was able to learn some valuable tips from my very wise sister-in-law. Tip # 1: schedules are important. Tip #2: overfeeding may cause an upset stomach. Tip #3: babies like to be bundled even when they are three months old. Tip #4: entertaining is more than just sitting your kid in front of the tv. So there you go. I thought i knew all of these things were important, but after watching her get him to take a nice long nap and see the benefits of it, i cannot help but listen to everything she says! He slept so well last night and i feel more refreshed and happy than the last...well month really. Anyway- this weekend my parents were down from Oregon and we enjoyed their short visit. My mom took me to ross for some birthday shopping while my dad held jesse- we even caught him dozing off outside the dressing room while we were getting some clothes. Jesse sure loves his papa! He cooed and talked to him before he even warmed up to grandma! I will have some pictures soon of our fun weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

These are jesse in his two modes- awake and asleep. He has been doing a lot sleeping lately which is actually very refreshing because i have found time to get a few things cleaning. When he is awake he is mostly satisfied to just sit and do nothing, or stare at the bright colors on the tv. That is also nice because he is beginning to entertain himself by just looking around. He makes it easy to be a mom.

He seems to be a little behind with lifting his head off the group so every chance i get i am putting him on his stomach. Sometimes, like in these pictures, i lay him on my leg and this way his face is not planted in the carpet. He is also doing a lot better with holding his head up.

He is always so curious about the camera when i take pictures of him- so that explain the bright eyed looks! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

reaching landmarks

I came out of my room the other day and Jesse had rolled onto his side- I was so excited I had to get a picture. He is doing it much more frequently now and it just means he is that much closer to rolling over! HOorah!

Jesse is behind as far as lifting up his head- so we are practicing much more, but it is not his favorite way to lay.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jesse at three months today!

Compare these bath pictures to the other bath pictures i have taken- big difference!