Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Adventures

We have had a couple of slow weeks but we
have tried to do a few things that don't
cost us much money. Thankfully we live in
a beautiful part of Washington with many
things to visit and many sights to see.
First, Andy wanted to take me to Stevenson,
a small town about 30 miles from us. It is
cute and quaint, but has all the accommodations
you would want around you. We were driving down
the street and I told andy that all little towns have
to have an ice cream store....and there it was! This
wonderful little store where we stopped and fulfilled
one of my many cravings!
They had this patio out back where we enjoyed
our ice cream. Andy had Huckleberry Cheesecake,
and I had "Hopscotch" which was a combination
of white chocolate, caramel, butterscotch pieces and
a few other yummy surprises.
We recently inherited my parents BBQ and
since we LOVE to BBQ, it has been put to use
several times already! This was for when we made
Patty Melts. YUM
Anne and Matt recently invited us to the Japanese
Gardens where they have free passes. It was a wonderful,
peaceful way to enjoy beautiful art of nature! Jesse loved it too!
My camera on my phone really does
this little justice, but it was so beautiful,
I could have spent hours there!
Andy wasn't 100% thrilled, but I think he eventually
enjoyed it. He likes places where you can be loud
and goof off...and we had to "shush" him many times :)

Andy and I taking the usual picture
Many varieties of flowers to view-
I think my phone did pretty good on this one!
Well that is about it, but I am looking forward the week ahead of my when my sister-in-law Tiffany will come and visit us. She will be leaving for her mission to Forth Worth, Texas on May 5th, so we are pleased we get to see her before she leaves. I am sure we will have many adventures and hopefully many pictures too! My birthday was lovely and my husband (and mom) pampered me during the day. I have been to several other flower gardens between now and then so if you would like to see pictures of those, my mom always has her camera on her and is good at documenting those trips on her blog. Her blog address is under "Family" and is titled "Ridgeway Heights" so go and take a look to see more pictures of Jesse and I. Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Silly Jesse

I couldn't resist posting this pictures. I had to make a few adjustments to it to make it appropriate but it just cracked me up! He was walking around in my high heels and I couldn't resist getting a blackmail picture for when he is older.

A few of Jesse's latest: When we do anything silly he always says: "Silly Mama." Usually it is applied to dada because he is the silliest.

The other day I didn't want the candy in my mouth anymore and he wanted it (it was a hard candy ps) and so I put it into his mouth and he spit it out, smiled and said "gusting mama" (as in disgusting mama) hahah.

He LOVES his mr. potato head his aunt anne and uncle matt got him for Christmas. He sleeps with it, takes a bath with it, and brushes his "teeth." The other day I caught him kissing it and saying "love you tato head." I Have to write all these things down so I won't forget them!!

He says "Pee-you!" when I change his diaper now. He insists on wearing his snowman (Christmas) pajamas about 4 times a week.

And lastly I have been telling him when he wines "Stop it Jesse. You are not a baby." He now says it before I can but while he is still whining. You may have to just hear it to have it's full affect. :)

Anyway, I am awaiting pictures from my mom from easter and then I will post again (remember the broken camera?). Thanks for reading!