Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's been a while...

So here is my little gorilla. We called
him a monkey because it was easier to say. This
year we ended up only going to the ward Halloween Party
because I was home alone and didn't want to go trick-or-
treating by myself...But we had fun nonetheless.
I didn't know gorillas rode bikes?!
Here he is at the party. He only got about 10 pieces of
candy but he was happy. So here is he diggin in.

This was several weeks ago when we went to Baskin Robins.
This is really his dad's cone...

Okay kid, it's my turn.

This is at our new favorite park. This is Jesse saying "ball!"
Balls are by far his favorite toys.

Isn't it cool???

Of course he had to pretend like he was a captain of a ship.
He also loves wheels!!

Mom had to go down the slide with him.(even though her bum didn't fit...)

This kinda freaked Jesse out because he thought he was
going to fall. But then he caught on..

Giving mama kisses through the bars (sanitary I know..)

And riding our car at the park too. It is such a neat park
with walk ways and water toys and grass...We both just love it!
And we have to take advantage of it while it is still sunny!

Here is Jesse and I at my 1st grade classroom.
He came to visit me after school one day. If you are familiar with
the board is on the board in the background. It goes like this:
If the teacher is waiting on the students to be on task and listen, the
teacher gets the point. If they are quiet or do something worth
complimenting, then the students get a point. Look and see
who was winning for the day....

Sorry I have been so boring lately. I really have little excuse.
We are all healthy and Andy is starting a new job in a couple of weeks.
He is currently working at a restaurant as a chef and is enjoying it.
I am into my second week of 4th grade and am still deciding what I
want to teach. Jesse is saying new words by the dozen and is saying
a few sentences as well. He has begun to use his potty chair a little and
actually went to the bathroom for the first time last night (quite on accident though).
Anyway, hope this finds everyone well!