Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Time!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Here we are decorating our lovely, fake, tree. It really is a nice size for our family and our apartment, even though I would like to have a real one :)
Jesse was SOOO excited he couldn't stop moving!
A couple days later we decided to try our hand at some holiday snowflakes.
Well I was making the snowflakes, Jesse was just cutting up paper.
The only reason we were able to is because Charlie was being good. She has her moments, but when she is good she is good!
The after-affects of the snowflakes. Jesse told me where he wanted them to go and we put them up. We even put up one of his own creations. Most beautiful I would say
Our little town puts on a holiday festival each year and Andy was working so I went with some friends, Britannia and Justin. Jesse enjoyed sitting on Justin's shoulders.
The lighted camas tree.
There was even a police car that Jesse was able to sit in. AND he got to turn on the lights!! The cop asked if he wanted to see the back but Jesse didn't want to. Too bad...
We had the chance to sit on Santa's lap (Jesse did) but I asked Jesse and his response was: "Yeahhh, NO! No I don't want to sit on Santa Clause lap." Not a fan of strangers in costumes- must be related to me.
Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My babies

I recently took the last test to receive my Washington teaching license and my mom came up and watched my kiddos. She, as always, took some fabulous pictures that I wanted to share.
Here is Jesse at bedtime, brushing his teeth. Well in this picture he is actually "spitting" like mom and dad do when brushing their teeth (but when he does it nothing much happens).
What a big boy!
Jesse sitting at his art table and coloring. I wish he would do this more often because it is just too cute!
Here he is getting reading for nap-time with his froggy. This froggy has saved us the last couple of nights and made Jesse feel safe in his bedroom.
While Mom was here, we were determined to get some cute pictures of Charlie. She is beginning to smile more at me when I talk to her! She is just the cutest!
I won't be able to do this for much longer!
My sweet baby.

I just loved all these pictures and it shows how Charlotte is changing and getting bigger each day. I am enjoying watching her go through this and am determined not to feel the need to rush her infancy. I love my babies!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another October Post!

So I have never posted this much EVER! But I am loving all the great opportunities these seasons provide for pictures! I couldn't resist this picture of Charlotte- my mom took it at her house. CUTE!
Another picture taken by mom (in fact these all are)
Sleepin away!
Kisses for Mama. He is still my little man who loves to give me kisses.
Our little tomato with his pumpkin. What possessed him to strike this pose?
He is getting to be such a big boy and can put on his own shoes! Very helpful!
Charlie snugglin with dad :)
Jesse wanted to hold Charlie- for maybe 2 seconds (that is why Grandma kept her hands there)
On our way to trunk or treat! I was the farmer that grew the tomato and pumpkin (or gourd as she isn't big enough to be a pumpkin!). Andy was a political activist. His shirt says "friends don't let friends vote democrat." Funny! (
Charlie looking at her papa? Or maybe the shine off his bald head. haha. jk love you dad

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Cards

My mother found the most adorable halloween stickers and she made little cards to put them on for Jesse (and other grandkids). Charlotte was sleeping so I decided to take time to spend some one on one time with Jesse and make these cute cards. I decided to lay out the stickers and let him pick where they would go. These are authentic Jesse cards, decorated by Jesse himself. :)
First card with a candy theme:
Second Monster card (his favorite)
A skeleton card (the skeleton apparently has the body of a candy corn)
Bat card!
This is him pointing to his favorite card (the monster card!)
And now he is signing his name :)
We are going to send these out to a few missionaries we know with a picture of him in his Halloween costume. :) Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

We were a little late carving pumpkins this year, but they will last through Halloween and not rot with this soggy weather. It was Jesse's first year really getting into it, and he even picked the face out that he wanted on his pumpkin. Here are a few shots of our fun evening:
Jesse didn't want to touch the slimy insides, so he was glad to have a spoon. He called them "poopies." It was pretty funny.
Dad was the one that helped Jesse carve his pumpkin.
Jesse's look of disgust at the slimy poopies...
She may look like she is being tortured but this is really the only way that I was able to get her to be happy for a few moments while we carved. This is what she looks like right now actually while I am typing this post!
Andy starting in on the carving!
I showed Jesse how to shoot the seeds (why not right?), and he had more fun doing that than anything else. There were tons of seeds on the ground, but he had fun doing it. He even hit Andy in the head a couple of times. Hahah
Proud of his pumpkin!
This was suppose to be Charlotte's pumpkin but since I did the carving, I just made whatever I wanted. It was suppose to resemble the converse star. :)
The finished product! Mine is on the left, Charlotte's, Jesse's and then Andy's. It was a fun night! (p.s. Andy's pumpkin is suppose to be the "power" symbol found on his x-box and various other places).