Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enchanted Forest!

I had not been to Enchanted Forest for about 8 years. Andy and Jesse had both never been before so it was a fun trip! Jesse was really excited about all the fun things to see. These are only a few of the many pictures we took (i.e. my mom took).

Ab Lincoln was there! Jesse didn't know who he was but he was pretty convincing if you ask me! And Jesse got to hold a real-ish gun so he was pretty pleased.
The shoe slide! Jesse couldn't get enough once we forced him to go down.
Going down as a family. Charlotte-hahah
The crooked house, one of my favorites.
The witches mouth.
What a sport!

Ice Mountain. I think I was more nervous than Jesse was. I don't like roller coasters so I thought Jesse wouldn't like it. He seemed to do all right as long as dad was holding him. You can't see him in this picture but he is hunched down in front of Andy.
Me nervously waiting to see his reaction...

Moms can have fun too, right?
Hahaha, Jesse got turned around on the slide- it was pretty funny

We all had fun because there were activities for all ages. This game was controlling boats in a little pool.
It was a fun little vacation!

June and little vacations

Here are some odds and ends of pictures of what we have been up to this month. Most of the pictures will be of when we took a little vacation to my parents. While staying with my parents we traveled to the beach and went to a nearby theme park- Enchanted Forest. We also had a chance to play in the kiddie pool and enjoy the outdoors. Andy was able to take the vacation with us because he was in between semesters of school. School has started back up and we are busier than ever (thus the posting of these 2 weeks later...)
We have a stretch of grass in our backyard and it is wonderful for Jesse to play on!
He is becoming quite the little golfer. And like most boys/males he excels at most sports (not to brag or anything..).
Here we are enjoying a day outside on the porch in the kiddie pool at my parents. Charlotte is crawling now!!

Love this!
I took just a few pictures of the beach because I was preoccupied with keeping Charlotte close. Both the kids LOVED the beach! (And so did Andy as you will see...)

In the backyard at my parents. Charlotte is still not certain how she feels about grass....

While at my parents Andy volunteered to help my mom with the garden. I got ONE pictures of him doing it :)
Jesse keeping occupied by riding Papa's trailer.
The next post will be of when we went to Enchanted Forest. Stay tuned!