Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shout out to my husband!

Sometimes I am so amazing by the patience of my husband. I have said this before but we make the perfect tag team. These last months have been rough with my low energy and general moodiness. But he gets home and (most of the days) picks up right where I am lacking- energy to entertain the kids or keep them occupied. One night he got home just in time for bedtime and he had them so wound up over the next 20 minutes with horsey rides and rough-housing. They LOVED it!!!
Then he somehow got them to both sit down and read a book with him. Yeah, that has never happened to me in my life. So I am thankful for him. And that he works hard to provide for our family, often going above and beyond what is necessary. And I am thankful that he loves our children and is such a wonderful Dad and partner to me. Without him the kids would probably have cold cereal every meal.
Although I know my kids love me and we have fun during the day while Andy is gone, they sure love their Dad.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

February- Picture Overload!!

Here are some of our many doings this last month.
It SNOWED! We were pretty excited and while Charlotte took a nap went out and made our friend the snowman. We had to get creative with the decorating- there were no rocks around.
Had to make a snow angel!
A fort made a few days later to conquer the feeling of cabin fever. If I recall, after it snowed it rained and rained and rained for many days. So we had to think of something!!
Jesse doing one of his "chores."
And switching over the magnet. He has always been such a good helper but now he can feel like it is worth it. We tally up his doings for a week and if he gets enough full days of getting chores done he gets a treat. Lets see if we can stick with it!
FHE one night- we decided to play mouse-trap and Jesse was pretty excited!
OOH it's not raining, quick- run outside and play!
My goofs in the bathtub- they are both so silly and I am often soaked when we are finished.
Charlotte loves to copy what her brother does. So here she is, being the little lemming that she is....
Jesse at his third dentist appointment. Just a cleaning but he was still scared. The dentist came around after the cleaning to check out his teeth and when he went to put the mirror in Jesse's mouth Jesse closed his mouth around it so he couldn't get it back out again. It took a little coaxing to get him settled down but he survived! And so did I :)
Being goofy with my little ham
Jesse loves to draw his family now. He is so darn cute and puts in the cutest details!
At the Doctor's for a four year old wellness check. He is growing great! He is in the 95th percentile for his height, and the 85th for his weight! At least he is proportional! And they did an eye check for the first time which he did well at, thank goodness. You could probably hear him at the other end of the office shout the shapes out. Here he is "getting a hug" from the blood pressure machine.
Some blueberry scones I made one morning for breakfast. They turned out so yummy, so if you want to try the recipe it is here
Jesse playing at photographer.
Charlotte playing at photographer. Typical girl- only wants to stare at herself. :)
Our canning for the month. We found some yummy peaches and blackberries that we had to use and here they are. This was just the first night and second night filled up the whole counter. We also made some chicken stock that we use for soups and gravies and various things.
I get in these baking moods and another morning I made lemon blueberry muffins. I think they were a hit and they turned out super delicious. Another recipe found here
Jesse being goofy...I love this crinkly smile :)
AND most recently I was able to take a mini vacation with a group of ladies from my ward relief society. We rented out a cabin owned by a lady in the stake and it was LOVELY! Here is the view out to the Oysterville bay.
And a (not so good) shot of the actual cabin. It was quaint and cozy.
And one of my favorite parts was riding a scooter on the small-town back roads. It was too much fun and made me want to go out and buy one!!
We passed through Astoria on the way home so had to make a stop at the Astoria Column to get some exercise. It was super foggy. I was with Delaine Smith, Amy Duvall, Brittania Anderson, and Shana Harper (who wasn't pictured). Such a fun group!
We also stopped for lunch where a few of us braved oysters. Not me. This picture was followed by gagging and spitting out of the slimy appetizer. UUGH!
So my month has varied between busy and lazy. Both are welcome at the times they come. I look forward to March with not much planned besides moving into a new home which will be another new adventure!