Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So I'm a little behind. It seems when I try really hard to do well at one thing, the other things suffer. In this case I was trying to eat well, drink all my water, stay in my calorie intake, and exercise. So everything else seemed to go to pot. I have not given it up this week but am trying better to manage my time :)
So here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks:
Jesse is really into costumes right now so here is one he favors
Playing outside on one of the "nicer" days. Charlotte always wants to ride what Jesse is riding so this is the compromise.
For one Christmas Party I made mincemeat pies. Very fun! And sort of traditional in the family. These ones were a little big for my taste so I borrowed a small tart pan and am going to make them again for my family :)
I have started letting Charlotte eat on her own. It is always a big step for myself to do this because I HATE messes and especially when our dinner table is over carpet. But I let go and let her eat her cereal with a spoon each morning. She actually ends up eating more with her hands but it is practice AND it keeps her entertained more than anything else! This morning she went through two bowls of cereal.
Sunday we had Andy's cousin and his wife and daughter over. This is Grayden and Sophie. Such a fun couple and an ADORABLE little girl!
Monday morning we decided to do another family tradition of sorts- eggs and soldiers. Jesse has never been a fan of eggs so we thought we would try this. He only ate one but it was progress!
My smart little man playing a rolling marble video game. Andy and I are always amazed at how he thinks and how coordinated he is in these things. Hopefully we can mold that cleverness into something more....productive? :)
Jesse is always the big helper and here he is helping me separate the red beads from the rest. After a while he told me: "Mom, it's okay that the black is with the red." And I looked in the bowl and apparently he was sick of the task and started just putting whatever beads wherever. hmmm...
And here is the finished project! That is right- I only get three Christmas cards! Hahah. I am sure that when I start getting on the ball enough to send out Christmas cards then I will get more in return. But I am happy for those that remember me :)
I will not be updating again until after Christmas, so Happy Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday's begin!

Utah trip, Part 2:
Jesse LOVES his uncle Bobby who always takes the time to give him special attention. Here they are playing a game.
Aunt Tiffany reading Jesse his evening book. He loved to have everyone there to read him a book each night.
Downtown Ogden there by the municipal building they have the Ogden Village which is a large amount of small (basically children) houses that are decorated. Hard to explain but Jesse LOVED it! He was running from house to house to see what was next. This picture is kind of dark but Jesse was holding hands with his cousin Theron. cute :)
Cousin Theron:
Jesse being a solider:
The little decorated houses:
Family picture, minus Andy. This gives you an idea of what is inside the houses. So fun!
Monday morning early we headed out of town and on the way through the canyon we saw many people parked on the side of the road. We were pretty confused and wondered what they were looking at. Lo and behold there was a steam engine coming around the bend and we were able to see it!
Eventually when Charlotte gets bored with food she just starts to crumple it into small peices. We looked back and there she was, covered in crumbs.
A couple days after we got home we got a REAL tree to put up. It was fun and it smells so nice!!!

The finished product.
This kid can make quite the faces....We made an ornament together (thanks Shelly Stephan!), and I couldn't get him to pose normally.
These socks lining the wall is our newest advent calendar. I told Jesse that if he is good, a little elf will come by each day and put a present in his sock. Sometimes this little elf comes in the middle of the day and Jesse will be out of the room and I yell telling him that I saw the elf and he will look and look for him!
My happy Charlotte! I capture a rare smile. This girl has been so moody this week- I hope this isn't a permanent thing!