Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

For Jesse's first Halloween he was a turtle
pretty cute turtle eh?

We went to great grandma and grandpa's house
and had dinner and saw everyone.
We also learned that Christina, Andy's sister,
is expecting her first. CONGRATS to her!

more of Jesse

My Little Mischief maker

Jesse has always been photogenic! Thank goodness.
He always wants to be right up in whatever I am doing
and most of the time i don't mind. Except that he is getting
into everything and eats everything! Here are a few of his latest
smearing food in his hair
Standing up in the crib

This was just a funny face i liked.

Uh-oh. You caught me!

Jesse is starting to act like his dad- he likes
to make funny faces

Jesse is really starting to get around, and here
is how good he is getting at pulling himself up

I Love him making him laugh!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jesse's First Haircut!

It's time for the first haircut! He thinks
he is pretty excited.
He was squaking at himself in the mirror
before his haircut. He had never seen himself
before in a full length mirror and he thought it
was pretty cool.

what the?

uh i don't think i like this anymore
dad- save me!
clinging for life to dad's shoulder

well i am dumb and forgot to take an after pictures.
But it was cute and a very good haircut


Auntie Katie came to visit, and Jesse
had fun
We like meal time! (If you can't tell)
His new favorite toy. I don't know what he has more
fun doing- playing with the toy or standing up by himself.
I found something to pull myself up on!
Sunday! Our new outfit.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Circle Quilt

I will make this easy for everyone that has asked about the circle quilt. Here is the link for a tutorial I found on somebody else's blog. So it's not professionally written, but I think you will find it helpful! Have fun. Oh and I finished mine, I just yet to take pictures of it, seeing as how Jesse is asleep with it around him right now. :) (it took me 2 days total to do! Easy and affordable!)