Sunday, July 22, 2012


Just so you know, there are a lot of pictures here. Some you may have already seen, but oh well. This is a variety of things we have been doing over the last couple of months, dating back to the beginning of May. So here you go:
An apron I made for Jesse out of a dish towel! We used it often
Charlotte thinks she wants this whole juice container to drink. Think again!
Jesse putting his cute little apron to use while helping me make cupcakes. 
Charlotte was eating her lunch outside and this hat was too adorable on her!
I have been keeping myself occupied by crocheting. This particular pattern my mom bought for me and I thought it was perfect for both Oliver and Jesse. Won't they make cute brother pictures?
Jesse in his hat
Charlotte in an experimental bonnet type hat. Didn't make it big enough but I thought the pattern was pretty cute. 
The kids passing time by helping me wash the table. They are always such eager and good helpers!
Another project, but this time for Charlotte. LOVE it!
Andy was in a crafty mood so he decided to make candles with Jesse. He loved it!
Going to the library- this is about the only kids section they have and my kids think it is like their personal playground. So here we are taking shoes off so they could stand on the cushions. I'm sure the library staff just love us...
Somebody got a hold of my camera on my phone again. I always look at this later and have such a laugh!

A new play structure we got from our neighbors. Thanks Feddersons!
Kids cuddling on the couch. Charlotte didn't last long- she is not all about Jesse being her in space. 
We got a new bunk bed for the kids room. They LOVE it and love sleeping together on the bottom. Jesse sleeps better than he ever has and charlotte does well too. Thank goodness! One less hurdle to jump before Oliver arrives. 
A mini-vacation at the beach. 

4th of July with Auntie Anne and Uncle Matt was fun- we just had a little bonfire and enjoyed some fireworks in the evening. 
Jesse doing his sparkler. 
Grandma came to visit and the kids always have fun and get away with more when she is here  :)
She gave Charlotte some peas which she loved taking out of the shells!! 
And going to the park together was fun as well. Charlotte always insists on walking up the slide. If I didnt help her she would have a fat lip and bruised face. So I just help her...
They CAN play cute together!
The four of us having fun!
We usually end up outside in the afternoons to play in the pool. Charlotte just dives right into the cold water while Jesse is usually the timid one. 
Don't even ask. 
Being goofy in Jesse's costume.
Some rare cuddle time before Jesse was up. 
I recently did a makeover of a baby bouncer. This is the before fabric. I cannot believe how easy it was. The most time consuming thing was unpicking all of the old fabric off.
ta da!!! A new, simple bouncer. With soft fabric. 
We were bored one day and found some foam sheets and decided to make some fishing poles and fish! What fun for a summer day :)
Another crocheted project. I love this pattern more than any other simple girls hat that I have done. It is really purple if you can't tell. 

Andy's birthday was this weekend and we made him a strawberry cake. It turned out to be so lovely and perfect (see last picture). 
We also slept in the tent that evening. This was the only picture that I got of Jesse in the tent. This was our view just waking up in the morning. 
And here is the moist, delicious cake. See here for recipe :) SO worth it!
And that is what we have been up to! We have a few lazy weeks coming up with not much going on. Andy's little brother returns from a mission for our church this week. We won't be able to see him until October but we are looking forward to seeing him on skype. In a couple of weeks we'll go camping to the Oregon coast so that is the next big event we have to look forward to. Hope everyone is having a good month and that the summer is not going too quickly for you, like it is for us!