Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Trip to Utah

My sister-in-law Lisa came home from serving a mission in Indiana for our church on Tuesday. We were lucky enough to be at the airport to greet her!!
Here is Andy waiting for Lisa to arrive:
Jesse "showing Lisa how smart he is" (by saying the ABC's)
The group that was there:
Andy, Grandma Summers, Laurie (cousin), Melissa (cousin), Grandpa Summers, Lisa, Christina, Theron, Jesse, Jesse, Terri, and me.
Jesse couldn't get enough of Lisa or "di-da" or "Katie" as he would call her over the next couple of days...
Jesse being a knight
Charlotte snapped out of her grouchiness to allow for periods of cuddliness (not long mind you)
Jesse LOVES his uncle Robert- he would get down and play with him any time!

I LOVE this shape kit- robert got it from a retiring pre-school teacher. I NEED one of these so if anyone sees one, please let me know!!
You put the shapes onto the color and pictures and Jesse was addicted!
We were able to visit my brother in Roy and it was fun to watch everyone spend time together. These three were playing games on the wii (I think). I got my hair cut. Thanks again Julie!!
Not so little anymore Lukie. He looked so good and happy after several weeks of medical problems. He has red hair and I just adore him!
Their game faces are ON!
Charlotte LOVED maggie! She doesn't let a lot of people hold her, especially when meeting them the first time but maggie just took her and walked away and she was fine! She rocked her and sat with her and cuddled her- it was pretty cute. :)
One of the last days we went to the Ogden Nature Center. All the trails were pretty much flooded and the kids were grouchy, but we had fun. :)
There was a bird-house contest and this was the winner. Check out a few of the other contestants:

They also had a bird exhibit but my camera didn't want to take pictures of the birds through the bars. This was the best picture I got and I don't even remember what kind of bird it is.....I am a disgrace to the family when it comes to remembering bird names. Ha!
It was a lovely trip! It was relaxing and fun. A few other memorable events: Robert got his kite stuck in a tree, climb the tree, and then fell out of it while we were looking the other direction. Haha. (He didn't get injure which is the only reason I am laughing). We also took everyone miniature golfing at a glow in the dark golf course. Jesse loved it of course, and Andy was the winner- even with Charlotte strapped to his front! I also got my first sunburn and am still recovering from it. We are trying to re-adjust to being back but enjoyed the time away and miss everyone already!
Look at the older posts because I posted a few other pictures!


I am running out of clever post titles (not that mine were ever that clever), can you tell?
Here are just a few cute pictures I needed to post:
I know I have posted a million of Jesse reading with me/himself/his dad, but they are just too cute!
"What, am I doing something wrong?"
Jesse showing some brotherly love, and Charlotte not minding too much...
We made some Cinco De Mayo bracelets for an activity. Not that he even knows what that is, but it was still fun to do something crafty
He had to wear them for a while of course
The ONE sunny day we got outside this year so far. We LOVED it!
I just happened to put a long sleeved shirt on Jesse and the poor guy has my red-faced genes. But he was having fun :)
Charlotte's first encounter with grass
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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Here are some odds and ends of pictures. My parents lent me a camera they don't use anymore so I was just trying to get used to lighting and everything. So here they are:
Charlotte getting me quite wet while bathing. I have to cover myself with towels. :)
Jesse enjoying a treat- you can tell he really likes it because he doesn't often lick his fingers.
Jesse's playing with his "trains."
I just loved his bright-eyed look of Charlotte's
I LOVE this cute little outfit
More playing
Jesse's morning bleary-eyed look.
Charlotte is rolling around everywhere and finds all kinds of things to be into. She loves stringy things and found some strings hanging off this little magazine holder (that holds cloth diapers).
Hopefully there will be more pictures to come since I am enjoying using this new camera.