Monday, April 4, 2011

March into April

We have had a quiet beginning of the month but it is soon to get busy. This week Andy starts up his third semester of school with classes in Chemistry and English. He is really enjoying being a student and has earned two 4.0s for his last semesters. I am proud of the work he is putting into school. He is going to initially get a degree in nursing and then go from there.
Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to the last couple of weeks:
Jesse and I enjoy "quiet reading time" together the last month of so. It has replaced his naps and it is something that we can do together that is a breather in the middle of the day while Charlotte is sleeping. He loves it- especially since I let him pick out whatever books he wants and he reads them all himself.
Here is Charlotte with her new favorite snack (a mum-mum cracker):
She feels so happy to be doing something independently (and so is mom!)
I love this look and had to capture it:
We planted some veggies and herbs this last weekend with the help of Jesse. He had fun digging the holes and putting plants into the dirt. We are still green to gardening so it will be a little bit of an experiment to see what grows this early in the season. We have strawberries, peppers (red and green), oregano, roma tomatoes, and walla walla onions. Yum!
My three favorite people. My husband is such a good dad...
Charlotte in her church outfit one morning.
Jesse with his dollar store treat :)
And a pirate! Arrrgh matey!
We are looking forward to sunnier weather where we can all get outside and ride our bikes or simply go for a walk. Have a nice week!