Monday, May 7, 2012

It's all about Charlotte

This blog contains an assortment of pictures for the last couple of weeks. Most of them are pictures of Charlotte (notice title) because she LOVES to have pictures taken of her and is constantly fighting to get into the spot light.
This first picture is the only picture I have from my birthday. Well, the day after actually. I had quite a surprise when two of my sweet friends cornered me as I pulled up to tutoring and basically kidnapped me to go with them. I was willing after I heard we would be getting pedicures, dinner and dessert with a movie at the end. What a nice treat! This doughnut was the from the famous Voodoo Doughnuts and is a peach fritter. It was pretty delicious- but there isn't much there that isn't. 
 Next is a picture of Jesse's Sunday stations. We have been staying home a lot due to sicknesses and I really want Sunday to be our day of worship so I have tried particularly hard with Jesse to keep it that way. If anyone has any suggestions in this area for a four year old, it would be appreciated! We do a sunday puzzle book, sunday pictures to color (printed off, reading the friend, and a craft if I can think of one. I think he seems to enjoy it. 
 Making faces together. She is such a ham!
 So happy to see herself!
 I had to throw this in because Jesse looks so grown up in this picture!!!! He has just shot up the last couple of weeks and I cannot believe that just in a short year he will be in kindergarten. (Well a little over a year..)
 Each morning my kids are GREAT sports to let their poor tired mama sleep in (who has battled with grumpy kids all through the night most nights) and they play together. Jesse typically gets into the crib with her. I am just waiting for the day when Charlotte learns to climb out of her crib. I don't think it is too far off...
 We went on a family hike one Sunday to go see a nearby waterfall. It is a short walk next to a river and is very pretty! 
 Here is one of the many sticks that Jesse found on his hike
 Charlotte likes to climb on everything.....
 Jesse by a blooming tree close to our house. I love this road during the spring time because all the trees along it are decked out in their finest. 
 Another day we went to the newer Vancouver Library that has an AWESOME children's section full of educational activities. This particular activity you have balls that you drop down and roll along a bath and then they fall on chimes to make music. They stay at this toy the longest of them all...

 At the same library, you can go up on the top floor and there are plants and trees and benches to sit and relax. The kids loved that too and we stopped to take a snack break. :)
 Andy is always exciting to use his new canning tools! He got a Victoria Strainer from his parents just a few months ago and this was the first time trying it out. We did so many tomatoes that he has a blister on his thumb still!
 My Charlie Bug
 Climbing again. We haven't made much progress in the potty training area but I'm not worried. She likes to wear her underwear but not to always want to do it. She is starting to get more and more irritated with her diapers when she has a wet or dirty one, so I think it is right around the corner!
 We have always had a booster chair with a tray at the table for the kids and I finally broke down and got a high chair for Charlotte. It is big, but keeps her contained, is easy to clean, and she LOVES sitting in it! She has sat in there up to an hour just hanging out and eating snacks the last couple of days. Charlotte sitting quietly is simply unheard of around here...
 And Charlotte again-she has loved for me to put "pretties" in her hair lately. I have a bunch that I made before she was born and now I can finally put them to use! And I made a frame with ribbons to hold them all! I thought I was forever destined to have a tom-boy who didn't ever want me to do her hair. Next we will try painting toenails sometime...
The week ahead looks pretty uneventful, but I am glad for that. In fact, all of May looks pretty low-key so I am hoping to have lots of time outside and crafting and other fun activities with my kiddos. So thankful I have my little munchkins!