Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can't believe it is a new year!

So we have entered a new year! So here are a lot of pictures from since Christmas.
We went to my parents to house for Christmas eve and here was the try after Santa came. It was fun to have Jesse there to have the magic of Santa in our home. We also had a really need talk with the adults about memories and some lovely stories were shared. I LOVE Christmas Eve!
Jesse got some little parachuter men. And my parents landing has always been perfect for this kind of thing. So him and his Aunt Katie had a good time doing this.
Matt, my brother in law, making his famous rolls. It's a must during the holidays and I could have a meal alone of these rolls. We call them one-hour- rolls.
The Christmas goodies. There are layers to this. It was pretty ridiculous really. But what can you expect when everyone likes to bake?
Jesse got a new bike and his Uncle Paul helped him ride it around outside. He was in heaven!
The Christmas loot we brought home. A little ridiculous.
Jesse developed Croup the day before Christmas Eve and he was ok for a little while but it worsened the day after Christmas. We all got to be a little lethargic for a day. It was kinda nice to be lazy!

Charlotte's first time eating yogurt on her own.
not too successful.

Jesse turned 4 on January 5th. We tried to make the day special for him so it started out with balloons all over his room (blown up and put in there while he was sleeping). I woke up to him in the crib with Charlotte playing with balloons. :)
He also woke up to the house decorated.
And insisted on wearing his doggy costume.
AND we had some delicious monkey bread for breakfast. Yes, it is as good as it looks
Riding his bike some more.
Going for a walk/bike ride together.
We let Jesse open a present from his grandma and grandpa Summers on his birthday. The rest he'll open today (Sunday) when family comes around.
Jesse helped me make his cupcakes.
Andy was sleeping for his graveyard shift. Charlotte was in bed as well so Jesse and I sang happy birthday and he got to blow out some candles. It was quiet but he liked it.
And that was our last couple of weeks. Loads of fun! What a great year we are looking forward to.