Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oliver William

So my little Oliver is now 2 months old and I haven't posted on his birth! I'm sure several of you have seen this pictures, but maybe soon I can get my pictures my Mom took because her are MUCH better than my phone pictures.
I scheduled Oliver's c-section about 3 months before I had him. Having had two previous c-sections my doctor wanted to just plan the third one so any unseen complications couldn't play out. I wasn't too disappointed about this decision because c-sections are all I have known and although more expensive, I was used to them and knew what to expect. 
August 24th rolled around with braxton hicks contractions pretty regularly but my body didn't even THINK about going into labor. That would be too easy.. SO we got up at 5:30 the morning of the appointment and Andy and I headed in. My mom and sister, Katie, had stayed the night before and we had stayed up playing games late. I also got about one hour of sleep worrying about the next day. So lets just say I was a little tired. Everything went so smoothly! The IV went in really well (with Charlotte it was a NIGHTMARE!), they monitored Oliver for an hour and he was looking good. My friend, Brittania, relieved my Mom and Sister at home so they were able to be at the hospital with us. My Dad also came by shortly that morning, as well as my sister Anne. I walked back to the OR room and went in without Andy. They sat me on the table and got my spinal started. This was the part I was MOST worried about- even though the last experience had gone so well. The "drug doctor" that worked on me was in her residency but she had a more experience dr standing by making sure it went well. She only tapped one nerve, which if you have experienced isn't necessarily painful, but a BIG shock to your body. In my experience, it was down my leg. The medication was also taking its time spreading through my body and for some reason they wanted it to go faster and lowered my head to the floor and had my laying at a 45 degree angle downward (not so comfortable!). This worked TOO well and soon I was hyperventilating because I felt like I couldn't breathe well. They tried to reassure me that my oxygen levels were fine but it didn't feel like it!! Everything calmed down after what seemed like several minutes of panic (on my part) and then it was a breeze! I don't care who you  are, drugs in this instance are AMAZING! I felt so high (not that I have experienced that before....) and was so relaxed and ready to have the whole thing happen. Andy came in all scrubbed up (yes they made my go through the worst part alone!) and the doctors proceeded to deliver my health baby. They were cutting and suctioning and all that good stuff and then alerted me when they were about ready to puncture the "water" and all the fluids surrounding Oliver. They did that and pulled out his head and before he was even free of everything he was screaming. It took several minutes to calm him down, but I was so relieved to just hear him that I was teary. Even typing this now I am amazed at what a miracle birth is and that my little Oliver was so healthy and strong when he was born. He was a small 7 lb 14 oz and 20 inches long. They had no problems and we immediately went into recovery (after the long process of stitching and removing stuff...) where Oliver was sticking his tongue out over and over. He still does this when he is hungry. His first time nursing he was a CHAMP! NO problem whatsoever latching on and has been a breeze since. It was then that I knew I had a gem of a baby. He hardly cried- except when he was cold. And when he got angry he was ANGRY and had quite a voice! 
The hospital was wonderful and my stay was TOO short :). But going home went well and the kids were excited to have us home. Thank goodness for my Mom and Sister because I wouldn't have survived the next couple of weeks without them. And that's it! Not much more to report. Oliver is one GOOD baby! Even now at his 2 months, he has slept completely through the night 2 times, sleeps in his crib for both regular naps and night time. He smiles (see below) and is such a cute addition to our family! We couldn't have asked for a better baby or brother. Jesse and Charlotte truly adore him and coo and talking to him all the time. We call him Oli-bear for his nick-name, and love to pinch his cute fat chubs. Enjoy a few pictures, and I'll try to get some more up soon. :)
Me the morning of delivery:
 About an hour old:
 Sleeping at hospital, so cute!
 Apparently I wasn't the only one tired...
 One good daddy :)
 Adoring fans
  Grandma Farr
 Grandpa (William) Farr :)
 Finally home and alert
 Today: November 4th, 2012. My chubby little man! 95th percentile for weight and head circumference, 50th percentile for height. Love it!
 Just hanging out being out happy boy!
How thankful I am that Heavenly Father has given me such precious little spirits to mother. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Just so you know, there are a lot of pictures here. Some you may have already seen, but oh well. This is a variety of things we have been doing over the last couple of months, dating back to the beginning of May. So here you go:
An apron I made for Jesse out of a dish towel! We used it often
Charlotte thinks she wants this whole juice container to drink. Think again!
Jesse putting his cute little apron to use while helping me make cupcakes. 
Charlotte was eating her lunch outside and this hat was too adorable on her!
I have been keeping myself occupied by crocheting. This particular pattern my mom bought for me and I thought it was perfect for both Oliver and Jesse. Won't they make cute brother pictures?
Jesse in his hat
Charlotte in an experimental bonnet type hat. Didn't make it big enough but I thought the pattern was pretty cute. 
The kids passing time by helping me wash the table. They are always such eager and good helpers!
Another project, but this time for Charlotte. LOVE it!
Andy was in a crafty mood so he decided to make candles with Jesse. He loved it!
Going to the library- this is about the only kids section they have and my kids think it is like their personal playground. So here we are taking shoes off so they could stand on the cushions. I'm sure the library staff just love us...
Somebody got a hold of my camera on my phone again. I always look at this later and have such a laugh!

A new play structure we got from our neighbors. Thanks Feddersons!
Kids cuddling on the couch. Charlotte didn't last long- she is not all about Jesse being her in space. 
We got a new bunk bed for the kids room. They LOVE it and love sleeping together on the bottom. Jesse sleeps better than he ever has and charlotte does well too. Thank goodness! One less hurdle to jump before Oliver arrives. 
A mini-vacation at the beach. 

4th of July with Auntie Anne and Uncle Matt was fun- we just had a little bonfire and enjoyed some fireworks in the evening. 
Jesse doing his sparkler. 
Grandma came to visit and the kids always have fun and get away with more when she is here  :)
She gave Charlotte some peas which she loved taking out of the shells!! 
And going to the park together was fun as well. Charlotte always insists on walking up the slide. If I didnt help her she would have a fat lip and bruised face. So I just help her...
They CAN play cute together!
The four of us having fun!
We usually end up outside in the afternoons to play in the pool. Charlotte just dives right into the cold water while Jesse is usually the timid one. 
Don't even ask. 
Being goofy in Jesse's costume.
Some rare cuddle time before Jesse was up. 
I recently did a makeover of a baby bouncer. This is the before fabric. I cannot believe how easy it was. The most time consuming thing was unpicking all of the old fabric off.
ta da!!! A new, simple bouncer. With soft fabric. 
We were bored one day and found some foam sheets and decided to make some fishing poles and fish! What fun for a summer day :)
Another crocheted project. I love this pattern more than any other simple girls hat that I have done. It is really purple if you can't tell. 

Andy's birthday was this weekend and we made him a strawberry cake. It turned out to be so lovely and perfect (see last picture). 
We also slept in the tent that evening. This was the only picture that I got of Jesse in the tent. This was our view just waking up in the morning. 
And here is the moist, delicious cake. See here for recipe :) SO worth it!
And that is what we have been up to! We have a few lazy weeks coming up with not much going on. Andy's little brother returns from a mission for our church this week. We won't be able to see him until October but we are looking forward to seeing him on skype. In a couple of weeks we'll go camping to the Oregon coast so that is the next big event we have to look forward to. Hope everyone is having a good month and that the summer is not going too quickly for you, like it is for us!

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's all about Charlotte

This blog contains an assortment of pictures for the last couple of weeks. Most of them are pictures of Charlotte (notice title) because she LOVES to have pictures taken of her and is constantly fighting to get into the spot light.
This first picture is the only picture I have from my birthday. Well, the day after actually. I had quite a surprise when two of my sweet friends cornered me as I pulled up to tutoring and basically kidnapped me to go with them. I was willing after I heard we would be getting pedicures, dinner and dessert with a movie at the end. What a nice treat! This doughnut was the from the famous Voodoo Doughnuts and is a peach fritter. It was pretty delicious- but there isn't much there that isn't. 
 Next is a picture of Jesse's Sunday stations. We have been staying home a lot due to sicknesses and I really want Sunday to be our day of worship so I have tried particularly hard with Jesse to keep it that way. If anyone has any suggestions in this area for a four year old, it would be appreciated! We do a sunday puzzle book, sunday pictures to color (printed off, reading the friend, and a craft if I can think of one. I think he seems to enjoy it. 
 Making faces together. She is such a ham!
 So happy to see herself!
 I had to throw this in because Jesse looks so grown up in this picture!!!! He has just shot up the last couple of weeks and I cannot believe that just in a short year he will be in kindergarten. (Well a little over a year..)
 Each morning my kids are GREAT sports to let their poor tired mama sleep in (who has battled with grumpy kids all through the night most nights) and they play together. Jesse typically gets into the crib with her. I am just waiting for the day when Charlotte learns to climb out of her crib. I don't think it is too far off...
 We went on a family hike one Sunday to go see a nearby waterfall. It is a short walk next to a river and is very pretty! 
 Here is one of the many sticks that Jesse found on his hike
 Charlotte likes to climb on everything.....
 Jesse by a blooming tree close to our house. I love this road during the spring time because all the trees along it are decked out in their finest. 
 Another day we went to the newer Vancouver Library that has an AWESOME children's section full of educational activities. This particular activity you have balls that you drop down and roll along a bath and then they fall on chimes to make music. They stay at this toy the longest of them all...

 At the same library, you can go up on the top floor and there are plants and trees and benches to sit and relax. The kids loved that too and we stopped to take a snack break. :)
 Andy is always exciting to use his new canning tools! He got a Victoria Strainer from his parents just a few months ago and this was the first time trying it out. We did so many tomatoes that he has a blister on his thumb still!
 My Charlie Bug
 Climbing again. We haven't made much progress in the potty training area but I'm not worried. She likes to wear her underwear but not to always want to do it. She is starting to get more and more irritated with her diapers when she has a wet or dirty one, so I think it is right around the corner!
 We have always had a booster chair with a tray at the table for the kids and I finally broke down and got a high chair for Charlotte. It is big, but keeps her contained, is easy to clean, and she LOVES sitting in it! She has sat in there up to an hour just hanging out and eating snacks the last couple of days. Charlotte sitting quietly is simply unheard of around here...
 And Charlotte again-she has loved for me to put "pretties" in her hair lately. I have a bunch that I made before she was born and now I can finally put them to use! And I made a frame with ribbons to hold them all! I thought I was forever destined to have a tom-boy who didn't ever want me to do her hair. Next we will try painting toenails sometime...
The week ahead looks pretty uneventful, but I am glad for that. In fact, all of May looks pretty low-key so I am hoping to have lots of time outside and crafting and other fun activities with my kiddos. So thankful I have my little munchkins!