Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Multnomah Falls

First I have to preface this post by saying that I have a smart 2 year old. He can access my iphone's pictures and many applications. You ask my why I let him? I only let him when he is sitting down (so it can't be dropped) and when I have an eye on him so he can't make any calls. Okay, so now to the story. We decided to go see Multnomah Falls, a falls that Andy has passed many times on the free way and never stopped to see the beauty. My Dad let me in on a little secret about these backroads that you can take and although they are windy, they are WELL worth it. Here is one view point that we stopped at:
So we traveled on stopped at about 3 more view points and several more falls. If you are ever in this area these are some scenic views you just can't pass by. You take the Historic Highway 30 from Corbitt through to Multnomah Falls. So here is a picture of Jesse and I stopped at one of the falls. Unfortunately my husband didn't get the falls in the pictures because it is hiding directly behind us.
Well The trip took us about 3 hours because we stopped and walked at many places. Jesse examined every stick he came across, and jumped (literally) in every puddle that he saw. These rain boots he has come in VERY handy. His pants were soaked by the end of the day!
After we made it through all the way to multnomah falls, we took the freeway home and I handed my phone to Jesse to keep him entertained. After he went to bed I sat down to do some blogging and realized that he deleted all but these two pictures from our trip. We are probably going to do it again and document it for the memories. I can't be mad at Jesse because he didn't know better and I have learned a lesson! Anyway, it was beautiful. Here is a internet pictures of multnomah falls:
We walked up to the bridge above the lower falls and we got almost soaked! Here is an interesting fact for you: Multnomah Falls is the NATIONS tallest YEARLONG waterfall. Cool!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Doings of Late

Not much has changed around here in the last couple of weeks. Andy's schedule has become more regular and only in the last week have we been able to do anything out of the city together.
Wednesday, we decided, very last minute to go to the beach. The closest beach to us now is, sadly, two hours away!! Cannon beach and Seaside both lie directly West of us so that was our destination. Little did we know that it was spring break for all of the Oregon colleges/high schools/ etc..We decided on Cannon Beach because it had been forever since I had been there! To make a long story short, it was VERY crowded. It is quite the tourist area with many shops and restaurants to choose from. So we made our way to the beach and then decided we were hungry for traditional chip sandwiches. It took us about half an hour. Many dollars later we had what we wanted and headed back to the sand. I took my camera out and dropped it right in a puddle; ruined. I had brought Jesse's boots and he decided to go wading the water a little too far and fell all the way in...there were a few laughing onlookers and my fiery pregnant temper wanted to tell them to....well I wasn't thinking any nice thoughts towards them. Oh and I must add that my husband was one of the laughers.
So anyway, we headed back towards the car and went home. It was an interesting trip but it was nice to be able to walk barefoot in the sand and enjoy the beautiful weather a little. I only wish we lived closer to the less touristy beaches...
Some updates on Jesse: he is really booming in the speech category. He says sentences now and puts most of his words together. "Momma put glasses on" is one of his latest big sentences. "Jesse get three books" is another bed time usual. We are convinced we have a genius on our hands because while we listen to different youtube songs (usually the beatles) he knows how to use the mouse and restart the ones he wants to listen to again. His favorite songs right now are the beatles "Don't let me down" and Jack Johnson's "Bubble Toes" I think it is called. He LOVES music and is quick to catch on and sing to any tune.
One of my favorite parts of the day is bedtime. I know you are thinking that I am happy to get Jesse down to bed, but that's not it! We have a routine where we bathe, brush teeth, say prayers, read three books, and then turn out the lights. After we turn out the lights we usually sing a couple of songs. Its during this time that he lets me cuddle him and I LOVE it! He is so cute and gives me kisses and tells me "I love you" over and over again until I say it back. He is such a precious little boy and such a joy to have around!
We are looking forward to April because we will be having a few visitors. Will and Julie will be coming down to Mom and Dad's house for almost a week. Then the week after Tiffany (and maybe Brent) will be coming down for a week. They are both getting ready to serve missions so this may be our last time to see them for a while.
Anyway, I think that is all I can't think of for now. I found a few cute random pictures to post. I will use my phone for pictures but this computer doesn't have itunes yet. So these older (yet cute) pictures will have to do! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Being Prego

I feel like being pregnany has given my gumption (anyone seen The Holiday?). I am the leading lady in my own story...but it also makes me grouchy and unpredictable. Just ask Andy! So lately I have been standing up for myself in ways that I haven't done before. Let me just share a few examples....Today I sent an email to the parks manager of Camas because I have found dog poop on several of the parks in MANY places and now refuse to go to those parks. I am frustrated and disgusted that anyone would leave their dog poop on the playground where kids play. I said, in a not so friendly way, that he needed to take care of the situation because it was reflecting camas in a not-so-great light. He immediately got back to me...The other day I was talking to my attorney and the secretary had given my false information about something (money) that had me a little furious. I told her I didn't appreciate her calling me a liar and told her I didn't ever want to be dealing with her again. Okay so that was a little harsh and I did call and apologize but I still won't be ever asking or dealing with her again. Last example, some smokers outside my complex don't seem to take me serious when I ask them to move. I have been polite (even when inside I wanted to scream and tell them how vile they are) and I asked them to move. I can smell it, it makes me sick. Next time they do it, the apartment manager will hear from me. So there you go. There have been many other instances that have set me off (like this lady telling me in goodwill that my kid need to "put a cork in it") and so forth, but I feel that my blood is often boiling. Maybe it is because I am noticing it more, or maybe people sense I am a ticking time bomb or something.....oh well. Oh yeah and I was close to telling my bishop no when he asked me to talk in church, but I thought that was taking it a little two far. :) What do you guys think?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ben Folds Five

Our little man is obsessed about a group called Ben Folds Five. It is some music that Andy has liked for a couple of years. If you can hear it in the background, there is a lot of piano mixed with drums and a guitar. He request this group every day and can keep busy just dancing in a circle to them. I think we may have a future musician on our hands......

Monday, March 1, 2010

Due 10/10/2010

Here is the 8 week ultrasound of the next addition to
our family. We figured it was about time that Jesse had
a sibling. We are both very excited but will work hard
to enjoy the next few months of "Jesse time." Jesse
doesn't really understand what is going on and nor will
he until the baby is actually here. I talk about the baby
in mommy's belly and he will kiss my belly and say "hi" to
the baby but that is about the extend of his caring.
I will keep everyone updated with pictures etc over
the next few months. Right now all you need to know
is that I am enjoying the morning sickness phase of
the first trimester and am counting down the days until it ends :)
I was craving a doughnut one day and so we got chocolate covered doughnuts. I often tell andy how lucky he and Jesse are that they get to be spoiled by the cravings that I have. :)
One of our weekly trips to the library. Jesse wanted to carry the books as we he wants to help with everything else now-a-days.
Too heavy....
Outside the front of the library.
Andy's glasses broke so I took him to the store to pick out a new pair. I insisted on going with him and I am glad that i did because the pairs he liked were NOT for grown adult men (sorry andy). And jesse wanted in on the fun. Cute huh!