Friday, June 26, 2009

Antelope Island

Lisa and I decided to go to Antelope Island for her
birthday yesterday. She hadn't been since she was
in girl scouts so we headed out planning for a hike
somewhere on the island.
We really didn't make it too far because we
had to carry this 30 lb baby on our backs!! The
trail was not stroller friendly so we didn't have a lot of choices.
The wind was crazy as you can see by my hair, but it
was still fun and the weather was pleasant to hike in.
We took the trail to hike to the highest point on the island
but knew we wouldn't get there because it was over 2 miles.
I don't think we made one mile but it was still fun!
Here is the beautiful view from the parking lot where we
started. Antelope Island is beautiful and I love going there!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

Father's day was quite uneventful for us really, but
we had steak dinners (thanks to Christina and Josh), I
got to hold Theron (my new nephew) a lot, and Andy
got some cool pants. The night before I stayed up
making the radical pants for andy. I found this awesome
fabric in his mom's basement and she said she had
made him similar pants when he was younger. So I made
hims some pants to remind him of his childhood....And I also
made him a rice pack for his constantly sore shoulders. I
didn't have to buy anything and I think my hubby was happy.
Here's to him: you're great!
Here are some pictures of the little tyke. He is
so absorbed in any peices that go together or
or on things- he is becoming quite the genius! :)
And I bought him a lobster towel- it is pretty darn cute!
The only vacumm he will touch- he hates the big one
And here is to my little scholar (but really he was
only reading for like 2 seconds). He is getting so cute
and I love each stage that he goes through! Love you
little man!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mahna Mahna!

I just thought I would put Jesse's favorite song for everyone to see. Follow the link for a fun happy little song called mahna mahna! He will come up to me and say : mana mana and point at the computer. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I absolutely adore it when Jesse dances! Some of his favorite sites are the music that comes on on (a favorite site around here) and a video of muppets on youtube titled mana mana. Anyway, here is my cute little man getting his wiggles out. Enjoy!

The Start of Summer!!

Ok so our summer is starting a little late because I have been in
school. The sememster started with a very busy class that was
only three weeks long. So now we are getting around to
planning some fun activities. So far we have just been on
many walks to a nearby park, laid out in the hammock,
and played with water outside (as you will see in the next pictures).
We are all looking foward to the summer and all that we can do outside!
Here is a picture of Jesse experimenting with a water bottle.
He loves the water- we are going to have to get him a kiddie pool!
His first hammock ride...he doesn't know what to think...
And he cuddles with his daddy any chance he gets. (Not with mommy though..)
And here is a video of him wrecking havoc in the kitchen with the tupperware.