Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The 25th was my Mom's birthday and Jesse and I drove down to celebrate with her. We decided to stay the night and spend the next day quite busy and having lots of fun!
We went to a park that had a few water toys, and Jesse loved it- after he figured out the water wouldn't hurt him.
Here he is figuring out how to push the buttons.
I had more pictures of put on from the water park but my computer won't let me for some reason....Here he is enjoying a "special drink" as he calls them.
When Papa came home we went to a park where he again had a blast!
He had lots of attention and Grandma and Papa both spent time doing things with him-

Papa took a few minutes to hit some golf balls and each ball he would hit Jesse would say "Whoa!! Good Job Papa!"

Then we ended the day by eating ice cream.
He loves to share everything!
What a fun day we had!
It is nice living so close to my parents and seeing them a couple times a month. We are looking forward to the next couple of months because we have some camping trips coming up! Jesse has only been camping once and it will be interesting to see how the copes, especially since I will probably be on my own for one of them (without Andy that is).

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We have had a full month of July! My month started off with visits to the hospital for pre-term labor. After various visits for about three days in a row, I was deemed "normal" and they sent me home with medicine and advice to "take it easy." I am still having braxton hicks contractions about 4-5 an hour, but I guess that is normal?
This picture is of the tie Jesse and I made for Andy for Father's Day. Cheesy, yes, but fun and a good memory nonetheless. Jesse got a bunch of ties from his Auntie Katie and he had to wear one to fit in. :)
Lately we have been slowly working on the idea of potty training with Jesse. He didn't like the underwear at first but he has gotten used to it and will now wear it around for a little bit. His favorite things to do in the bathroom are wash his hands...
and read books on the pot.
Around the same time I was in the hospital, my brothers-in-law came to visit from Utah, Robert and Brent. It was a nice visit although we had a couple of 90+ degree weather days that were a little miserable. One day we visited this little air museum in Vancouver. It is the oldest operating air strip in the U.S.!
Jesse was thrilled with all the planes and he even got to ride in this little plane that is normally a flight simulator. There were also several other displays where you felt like you were actually flying planes! What a fun day!
Here was a cute little airplane that Jesse "flew" and you could actually move the rudders! Cool!
When Robert and Brent left, we drove behind the airport from a recommendation from my Dad and found that you can park right next to the landing strip to the PDX and see all the big jets come in! Jesse sat on my lap and we watched about 10 big and little planes come in and take off! Jesse LOVED it and keeps asking to go back.
Here is just a picture of a little mom and son time. He has a hard time sitting him in my lap anymore because he elbows and jabs in all the wrong places. So here is our solution: he uses my belly as a pillow and it is the right size right now :).
This week we took a trip to Mt. St. Helens. It has been years since I have been there and it was fun to take Andy where he hadn't been before. We drove to the visitor's center and then up the road to get a better view of the mountain. (Sorry this trip wasn't well documented).
Our trip ended at some Bluffs where we could see into this beautiful valley and eat our lunch. The mountain was a little bit clouded over but it was still pretty and very interesting to become more acquainted with its history. One the way home there was a cute little restaurant in the middle of no where and they served cobbler so we had to stop and get some. Cherry apple cobbler and strawberry rhubarb cobbler- what a treat!
Here is Jesse "trying" to be good at the little table waiting for our treats.
While at the bluffs we saw this helicopter take off and Jesse was thrilled! It was right in front of us and we saw the entire thing! They now have helicopter rides that can take you to see the crater inside the mountain. How neat that would have been to see that!
This picture is from the visitors center where there was a cute little trail to walk to Silver Lake. I decided to snap a picture of Andy being goofy and Jesse, as always, imitating him. What I am going to do with these two?!?
The next month will be busy and I am glad of it! I have girls camp coming up (I am the assistant camp director for the ward), the Mills Family Reunion in August, more camping in August and my prenatal appointments are now closer together now. I am currently 27 weeks along and time is flying! The next months will go quickly and we are excited for what they bring!