Thursday, October 1, 2009

Radom pictures and updates

On the weekends I try to spend a little
time with my family, so we chose to go to silver creek
falls with mom and dad. It was a beautiful day for a hike
and Jesse loves being outdoors, anywhere.

He was laughing because I was going down the stairs pretty fast and purposely jumping around. He has such a cute smile :)

Every wednesday his aunt Kris watches him so that Grandma can get some errands done in town. He loves his aunt kris!

Making silly faces against the glass

One of his favorite foods are tomatoes, which he calls "Me-mas."
I am not sure where it came from but without fail he goes
straight for those plants when we go outside.

"Bike" is a new favorite word and he loves to ride his.

Bored....or maybe just hatching a scheme.

Going to the beach in Pacific City a couple of weeks ago

He LOVES the sand
At the carousel

He loves drinking fountains
Jesse is getting so big it is still hard for me to believe he is almost 2! He is adjusting to Oregon very well and he loves living with is grandma and grandpa. He gets to spend lots of time with grandma each day while I am doing my student teaching. Student teaching is going well, but it is exhausting. My weekends are never long enough, but I am learning A LOT! Jesse is constantly saying new words and some of his favorites are : bug, bird, rock, car, bike, eat, mee-ma (tomato), do-da (flower), drink (which sounds like dink), and clock.