Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Cards

My mother found the most adorable halloween stickers and she made little cards to put them on for Jesse (and other grandkids). Charlotte was sleeping so I decided to take time to spend some one on one time with Jesse and make these cute cards. I decided to lay out the stickers and let him pick where they would go. These are authentic Jesse cards, decorated by Jesse himself. :)
First card with a candy theme:
Second Monster card (his favorite)
A skeleton card (the skeleton apparently has the body of a candy corn)
Bat card!
This is him pointing to his favorite card (the monster card!)
And now he is signing his name :)
We are going to send these out to a few missionaries we know with a picture of him in his Halloween costume. :) Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

We were a little late carving pumpkins this year, but they will last through Halloween and not rot with this soggy weather. It was Jesse's first year really getting into it, and he even picked the face out that he wanted on his pumpkin. Here are a few shots of our fun evening:
Jesse didn't want to touch the slimy insides, so he was glad to have a spoon. He called them "poopies." It was pretty funny.
Dad was the one that helped Jesse carve his pumpkin.
Jesse's look of disgust at the slimy poopies...
She may look like she is being tortured but this is really the only way that I was able to get her to be happy for a few moments while we carved. This is what she looks like right now actually while I am typing this post!
Andy starting in on the carving!
I showed Jesse how to shoot the seeds (why not right?), and he had more fun doing that than anything else. There were tons of seeds on the ground, but he had fun doing it. He even hit Andy in the head a couple of times. Hahah
Proud of his pumpkin!
This was suppose to be Charlotte's pumpkin but since I did the carving, I just made whatever I wanted. It was suppose to resemble the converse star. :)
The finished product! Mine is on the left, Charlotte's, Jesse's and then Andy's. It was a fun night! (p.s. Andy's pumpkin is suppose to be the "power" symbol found on his x-box and various other places).

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

We are loving this fall weather and the clothes that we can now wear- gloves and scarves.
We went to a pumpkin patch close by (called Joe's Place) and it was a simple little farm with a cute little store. There was also a hayride to go on, so on it we went! Jesse got a free apple and that seemed to be his favorite part.
They provided wheelbarrows to pick up the pumpkins with, and Jesse insisted riding on the inside. Charlotte was strapped into a carrier and was toasty and warm and sleepy.
Jesse found many small pumpkins his own size to pick up.
We asked him to get one for his baby sister and he thought we meant he was to give it to her. He came up to me (I was carrying her) and said "Here baby sister!"
There were what we came home with. Jesse was pretty pleased.
The day ended with snickerdoodles and apple cider from the store. It was a nice day to get out of the house and we now have pumpkins we look forward to carving!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photo Shoot!

Thanks to my Mom's wonderful camera and love of taking pictures, we had many opportunities to take some candid pictures of Charlotte with a few of Jesse squeezed in as well. So these pictures are all taken by my mom.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Charlotte Pearl

Here I am a couple days before delivery. We made the decision to do a c-section because my body was being uncooperative and we were ready! Can you tell?

7:10ish pm, Charlotte was born, weighing in at 8.0 lbs. She was quite the screamer! The nurses all made a comment about how loud she was and for this reason she was rated a "10" on their scale (I forget the exact test). But this isn't a usual occurrence :)

I love her little rosy lips!
Grandma holding her moments after she was born

Papa holding, and apparently "hogging" her after she was born. I think everyone was smitten, just as I was :)
Auntie Kristin

Uncle Paul- I was thankful to have my family close by the day she was born- it gave me added comfort
A proud daddy

While my mom was here she managed to do many fun things with Jesse. This particular picture is of her at the library during their children's story time. He LOVES it!
And later that day they went on a picnic :)

Jesse came to visit- excited or nervous- I couldn't tell how he felt.
He was pointing out that she had a nose and other parts just like Jesse

Holding Charlie for the first time

Kissing Charlie goodbye- he was quite sweet :)
Me- do I look tired?

Bathing at home with Grandma
Riding bikes with Grandma! Here is a good place to give a shout- out to my awesome Mom and what a wonderful Grandma she is! Her little grandson (and other grandchildren) love her because she is willing to spend so much time with them, even when she is tired! She took Jesse for a walk in our neighborhood and he was in heaven!

Mom and Charlie

Bright eyed!
I crashed shortly after I got home :)

Sweet hands..
Sweet smiles (while sleeping of course) although she sometimes looks at me and smiles!

Spending time with Jesse is important too...but sometimes hard to fit in with the busy newborn.
Can't get enough Kisses!

Grandma and Charlotte
I had to put in a picture of this quilt my sister Anne made for Charlotte. Isn't it AWESOME?! She is constantly surprising me with little thoughtful gifts. I am a lucky sister!

Here she is (Anne) with lots of loves for her neice.
Thanks for all those who have supported and helped me. Even though Charlie is only a week old, we love her and feel she has been in the family forever! Until later