Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What HAVE I been up to?

August has been a good month for us. We have had lots of fun outside, started school with Jesse (here at home), watched Charlotte go from crawling to cruising, and much more! Following are pictures (some you may have already seen) but are some of my favorite from the month.
Jesse is always thrilled for one on one attention. Here he is doing one of his favorite things: playing games with Dad. Can you tell how happy he is?
Jesse is aspiring to be a photographer. Can you tell what it is?
A new chair that is a permanent fixture in our living room. Room for both Charlotte and Jesse.
Popsicles have been our treat of choice this month with the heat. Can you tell what color we were eating? Jesse had never seen his tongue turn a different color so he was very fascinated. :)
Jesse loves dressing up in costumes, and always with his goggles on upside-down. Never a dull moment around here!
More Daddy time. Here I convinced them to make cupcakes together. He is now obsessed about helping me in the kitchen and I end up usually letting him do the "dishes" which consists of him playing in soapy water with clean dishes. Oh to be a three year old!
Our tent we just purchased, and we get to use it this weekend!
Two happy siblings sitting together.
Of course I had to go blackberry picking with the fam. So fun! And I love the reward of hard work. :)
With school we are learning a new letter each week. He pretty much knows them but it doesn't hurt to go over the sounds and new words and concepts. He LOVES school and pretty much asks to do it all the time! What a cute kid :) (this is a cow in the picture by the way)
Jesse normally doesn't love vacuums and runs away when I get it out. This time I let it sit around for a while and he started playing and talking to it. Maybe it will cure him of his phobia? Maybe not...
More "school" but with colors and mixing. And his first fingerpainting experience
Oops, accidentally got myself!
mixing colors
Playing outside

more vacuum love
More school- what a smartie!
And Charlotte's Daddy time. I sure have a good husband who never hesitates to spend time with his little ones. The kids adore him and I am so thankful for him!