Friday, March 18, 2011

A day like any other...

Our days pretty much blur into each other because nothing unusual or exciting is happening this time of year. Andy finished another semester of school (this being his second) and will be moving onto the next one. He still has about a year before he has his pre-req's done. Here are a few pictures of our goings on:
Dad loading up the babe to go on a walk
Jesse very happy about his treat (yes he is a little spoiled...I can't help it, who can resist that?)
Charlotte hanging out with dad while he does a little gaming.
Jesse LOVES this puzzle from Grandma and Grandpa Summers and puts it together at least 4 times a day. We had a melt down because one of the pieces was missing the other day!
Eating dinner and being silly with dad.
Charlotte attempting to sit up. She'll get there :)
Okay so maybe sometimes out of the ordinary things do happen; my little sister returned from her mission from Texas! Here she is, grown up and everything. :)
Here is just a funny face that I captured with Charlotte :)
We have been having a hard time with Jesse's bedtime/sleeping lately so I got some advice (thanks Carrie) and we have started skipping naps and going to bed sooner. So instead of naps, after Charlotte goes down for her second nap, we have "quiet reading time." I thought that I would read some books to Jesse but NO! He HAS to read the books to me. He won't even let me touch to page or anything! So silly :). This particular video is of him reading one of our favorites "No, David" by David Shannon. So enjoy!