Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catching up

We keep busy here at the Summer's house. Some days I feel like they depend 100% on me to entertain them- especially when the TV is off. But the nice thing is that Charlotte is finally getting to an age where she can play WITH Jesse instead of just scream at him. We are going to start cutting down our media intake. I have been doing this slowly over the last couple of weeks, and it has been nice. SOMEDAY I want to get to where we have one special day for that. We'll see. So here are a few of our happenings:
A black eye. Thanks to the couch.
Grandma and Grandpa decided to come visit AND we moved. Not many pictures there as you can imagine I had my hands full. But my MIL was VERY helpful as you can see from this picture and (thanks to her) Charlotte requests to go on walks everyday.
We made it to the park one of those few and far between sunny days. It has also been the only day I have put Charlotte in shorts. LOVE it!
Some days when they go to bed I can't help but go into their bedrooms so I can re-remember how innocent and sweet they really are. Bed times have been rough around here so when I can go into his room and see him so peaceful, it helps bring back a little of my own peace.
This kid LOVES to draw. Here are a few of his fabulous drawings.
a rocket..
Playing at the mall- we love the play structures for kids there, and sometimes it helps my sanity to get out of the house on rainy days.
Old news, but I can't help put our little Oliver into this post. He will officially be a part of our family in August, but we talk about him and think about him everyday. :)
Funny picture of Jesse (hair is WAY too long), but I had to show off the second black eye in two weeks. Thanks to the kids at the mall play structure.
Charlotte is talking more and more and in this picture she is saying "mo" or "more" in her little world. She LOVES to enjoy my smoothies with me each morning.
I LOVE this little bug! But if all girls all mischievous, independent, strong willed, stubborn, and screechy as her......lets just say I may be hoping for boys from here on out :)
She cannot get enough of the camera! She is always saying "cheese!" when I have my phone in hand knowing that that is what I take pictures with.
And most recently we have been trying out potty training. We're just kinda testing the waters and seeing how she feels about going. She hasn't actually been successful yet, but she sure likes to sit on the toilet, sing a song, and then get off. And she loves wearing underwear (who wouldn't after 18 months of bulky diapers??).
I love their cute little bodies when they start wearing underwear!