Sunday, October 30, 2011


This weekend has been a busy one with all the things going on. But we did manage to relax here and there and spend some time together. Today Jesse and I were able to go to church all by ourselves! What a treat!!! Andy was sick so he stayed home (while Charlotte got her much needed 3 hour nap) and Jesse and I cuddle through church. So nice! Here is my big boy right before we left for church. I am going to buy him some new pants this week because his legs are growing out of all the ones he has!!
For Halloween we went to the Camas "Boo Bash." I should say Andy because I was tutoring. But I wasn't too dissapointed because I was told there were many lines and lots of people. It is basically an event where you walk around downtown Camas, which is small and very cute, and trick-or-treat at each store. On Friday we went to the Church's trunk or treat which was fun but crazy. He loaded up his pumpkin with candy and I have managed to stay out of it. Here are out costumes that I made for our family:
What concentration!
early in the week for family home evening we went to a pumpkin patch and then came home and made pumpkin rice crispie treats. Or Andy and Jesse did. I chose this pictures because holy cow they are so alike!!
Can't get a good face out of both of them at once!
And to top of the weekend I will be getting up early to Substitute for a Kindergarten class. That should be interesting....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy week!

On Sunday Andy worked a twelve and to top it off Jesse was sick. So we didn't go to church which usually provides me with some kind of respite from my everyday routine. So to change it up we went for a walk along the Colombia River. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening.
And the kids loved it to boot!
Pretty sunset as well!
The kids got out and played and Charlotte seems happiest playing in the dirt. Or chasing Jesse around and doing what he is doing.

Monday we went to The Dalles where Andy has a business meeting. It was four hours so we had to find something to do. They have a Colombia Gorge Discovery Center there that was perfect! Jesse loved all the cool exhibits and we even got to see live birds of prey! Cool :)

An old buggy. Glad I didn't ever have to use this mode of transportation.
Kids discovery room. I want one of these for the kids bedrooms.
A tent similar to the ones Lewis and Clark stayed in. Jesse wasn't too please apparently...
And what did we find but a replica of the "Mormon Handcart!" What it was doing there- I am not sure, but it was kinda cool to see it!
Charlotte enjoying her first independent slide ride.
Still in The Dalles at my favorite restaurant and what made me make the trip in the first place: COUSINS!
And these cinnamon rolls are worth the drive (and the calories!). This was after we had eaten half of it. They are the size of dinner plates!
Later in the week we were able to drive to Bay City (by Tillamook) to visit my Grandma. We stayed over and the next day Gram taught me to embroider. What a day! Mom took the kids and went outside and basically watched them all day (THANK YOU!!) and I spent the time at the kitchen table slaving over a masterpiece. Ok not really but pretty good for a first attempt.
It was a treasured memory I will always have with just my Grandma and me. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Week. Where is October going?!?

What a week! Well it really wasn't that busy now that I look back. But I got lots accomplished! And that always feels good. First of all, I canned my first batch of Salsa!!!! I think it turned out pretty well but I won't add as much apple cider vinegar next time- makes it too sweet. And I am a salty salsa kinda girl. But still good.
This week for Jesse's lessons we were learning about the letter "I." Jesse just soaks everything up so quickly and our lessons are over in less than an hour. It seems as if he wants to learn more so I tried some words with him this week. We used some scrabble pieces and put them together to see how he did and he READ his first word ALLLL by himself!! I am so proud of this little man! Other things we did: learn about inches, do "ice-cream cone math," watch ice melt, and make ice-cream sandwiches. We have so much fun together. :)

Char finishing up her last birthday cake. Of course she was more into it when 10 people weren't staring at her.

And decorating our "I" for the school board with eyes. Doesn't work too well but great for Halloween. :)
And that's all! I am enjoying blogging every week and hope that everyone else is liking this posts. Oh and I started a new challenge: the Body for Life Challenge. I have lost 4 lbs this week. It is encouraging and I am going to keep it up!! WOOHOO!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another week with a busy weekend

And so it was H week. A few things we talked about and activities we did: holes, honey bees, hands, hungry caterpillar...and much more. The following pictures show our fun activities for this week:
For this activity I found a bunch of small objects around the house to put into a bag and he had to guess what he was feeling when he reached in. He loved it! We'll have to do this again soon...
We made our own hungry caterpillar using leaves and paint. This is not the finished product but it turned out pretty cute :)
Jesse is learning how to put his own shirts on. It's hard, but he is getting there. I wasn't much help during this picture because I just sat and laughed at him!
Good entertainment (outdoor pool)
General Conference was this weekend and it was FANTASTIC! This year I did a packet with Jesse of different things to do while watching. He loved it and it kept him pretty occupied. Here are a few of the activities:
This one we colored and cut out pictures of the presidency and they stood up. He was actually making them talk to each other in this picture :)
Charlotte and Daddy being silly. She was laughing at the feel of his whiskery cheek. So cute :)
We celebrated Charlotte's first birthday this evening with close family. It was lovely. I cannot believe my little monster is one!! I love this girl and her penguin walk and slobbery kisses. I love her funny hair and her twinkling smile and gaping teeth. I even love her cute wild tantrums she is beginning to throw. They make me want to just laugh at her. I am thankful every day for a spunky lovey little thing. Here are a few pics of the house decor:

Tuesday is her official birthday. Here's a shout out to the biggest one-year-old mama's girl! And that's all! It was busy but we have a busy week ahead as well!