Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow day!

So Jesse and I decided to have
a snow day! It was SO much fun!
He received a snow suit for Christmas
so we HAD to try it out.
So we bundled all up and went
outside. He really liked it and
didn't get a single part of his
body wet except for his face.
At one point his gloves were so
wet and when he tried to wipe his
face it got really cold- that is when
we went back inside.

I think that I need to buy him a sled
that I can pull him around in!

Here is a movie of him having fun!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jesse's First Birthday Party

Jesse turns one on the 5th of January.
I can't believe it! We celebrated his 
birthday with a small group of people
at our home. We had some finger
snacks and birthday cake. It was a 
nice, but crowded, get-together. 
Here is Jesse opening up a book we
gave him:

Here is Jesse playing with his cousin
We had to do the traditional birthday
cake mess and this was a picture of 
him while we were singing happy 
birthday to him. He looked rather 
confused, but it was cute. I can't believe
how grown up he is getting! This 
picture especially makes him look 
like a toddler!
Here is the sequence of events as he
eats his cake (it was the head of the 
snake cake)

He wanted to share with dad!

Christina and Josh brought over this
cute rocking horse! I love it!
Jesse is always going back to Brent 
at some point!
I received a cake mix book for Christmas from
my parents and this was one of the cakes in it. 
It was so cute, but mine didn't turn out perfect.
it was fun to make though!
Here are all of our goodies for people to eat!

Thank you to everyone that came and gave Jesse such cute presents!

Christmas in Oregon

These pictures are a little bit out of order...but here they
 are. We drove down to Oregon on Friday, December 19th after 
Andy got off work. It was snow hard in Ogden, but when we got
 out of town, the snowing stopped and our trip was
 uneventful. We stopped in Ontario, Oregon and
stayed the night at a nice hotel. The next morning went 
without any setbacks until we reached the Dalles. From 
that point on, we never traveled above 30 mph and had chains
 on most of the time. The roads were icey and nasty and we drove
 white knuckle all the way to Salem. What should have been a 6 hour
 trip that day turned out to be a ten hour trip. Lets just say that
 I was done riding in the car for a lifetime!!! 
Here is a picture of Jesse with his favorite uncle (seriously!):
When we arrived in Oregon, Jesse was happy and 
hardly cried!my parents thought he was this perfect 
angel but...well lets just say its a different story at home. 
Anyway, we arrived Saturday night around nine o'clock and
 went to bed sometime that night. The next morning was a 
beautiful silver thaw and it made everything frost over! I wish
 i had gotten pictures! So church was cancel and we had our own
 service at home. It was quite nice. That day we lost power....
and did get it back until Christmas. Thank goodness for the
 prepardness of my parents or else we would be without 
water, food etc. Wehad a wood stove to cook on and 
keep warm and eventually we were able to use the generator
 to backfeed the house and get basic electricity. 
my happy boy
This is Christmas Morning and Jesse's present was quite a hit!
This is one Jesse's shirts he got and I loved it! He looks good in red
Being in Oregon was so refreshing! I love the trees and the air
that seems to be fresher! :) Snow is a rariety there so I had 
to get some pictures of our beatiful view
Christmas was wonderful. Even though we didn't have 
all the luxuries that we were suppose to , it was a new
 experience and one we will never forget! It helped
me to focus on Christ this year and to not take
 for granted the things I use everyday.
These are all of the gifts that we received this year. 
Thanks to everyone for a wonderful
My parents tree was 13ft tall and decorated beautifully! 

Here is my bro-in-law Christmas morning playing with some gadget!
Mom, I know you will hate me for posting this but iti s the only one i have of you!
Anne in her Christmas pjs! (yeah you can kill me later)
The living room Christmas morning after gifts. Pretty ridiculous
aparently 7:30 was too early for Paul. I think he slept until noon like this

Jesse was pretty excited about all his gifts
I thought i had caught some pictures of the beach and other adventures, but I guess not.
I will leave all the fantastic picture takeing to my mom and sister, until i can afford a nicer camera. On the 27th, Andy and I prepared to go home, but we decided that I should stay and Andy should drive home. Two days later and a flat tire, Andy made it home and I was still in Oregon. By staying I was able to see my Grandma and many other aunts and uncles I hadn't seen for a while. I was also able to see the beach I love and miss all the time. I was able to spend the new year with my brothers and sisters and parents and overall it was worth it. I flew home
with Jesse on the 2nd and I won't talk about the plane ride, i have blocked it out. But i made it home. And Jesse was so excited to see his dad, as was I. So until our next vacation, bon voyage Oregon.