Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I got really lucky when I found my hubby- he LOVES to cook! And I LOVE to eat! SO what a pair we make! Some of his latest yummy recipes he has whipped up for me are: cream of broccoli soup (first time making it for me ever in the four years we have been married), Clam Chowder (his favorite), Patti Melts and this lovely delicious desert:
Yes ladies, this is a homemade crust, which I am TERRIBLE at making! I am patiently waiting for him to get home from a scouting training so I can dig in!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camping in Bend, Oregon

So first of all, it is never easy to camp when you are eight months pregnant. I had a pretty easy time of it because my husband is such a champ and helped a lot with Jesse- as well as my parents and my sister and brother. This trip was planned MUCH in advance and we looked forward to it for several months. Camping in Bend has always been somewhat of a tradition and I love it there...We stayed at Paulina Lake about 30 miles or so out of Bend and it was pretty! The only down side of the entire camping trip was the MOSQUITOES!! They must have been lacking for company for many months because they came at us like starved beasts....and never let up! Anyway here is Andy and Paul getting ready to do something, I can't remember what.
The first day we were there we decided to go visit the obsidian flow/fields. They are really spectacular if you haven't seen them before and Andy was quite taken with all the obsidian everywhere. This particular flow comes from the Newberry Volcano, not far from where we were camping. Lots of interesting geological history in Bend!
You had to climb quite a ways to get to the top and Jesse was such a trooper! With the help of Grandma, he probably walked about a mile and a half on his own!
It was very sunny (and very hot) so Andy said he couldn't keep his eyes open. But his hands are resting on a large piece of obsidian. This was towards the top of the stairs and further up the view just got better.
Here is the ever helpful and patient Grandma helping Jesse (even though she is loaded down with many things herself!)
The same day we visited Paulina Falls. It was beautiful and something I am not sure that I remember seeing before.
The great guys in my life...
Jesse at the camp site. I didn't have the heart to pile on loads of clothing because it was warm during the day so unfortunately Jesse was bitten about 20+ times by the mosquitoes. He still enjoyed playing and hardly noticed the little pests.
Second day we went out with my parents to do some caving. It was quite a nice little drive, for the first cave that we looked for was closed down due to vandalism. Jesse was quite the sport- and how could you not be with Grandma sitting next to you entertaining you with her phone!
We finally found a cave to visit... The Lava River Cave. We watched a video at the visitors center and it was nice to learn a little about what we saw inside. This is at the top of the trail....
And this is descending into the hole! Notice we had coats on because the temperature dropped about 30 degrees or so. BRRR! Our noses were read and runny when we finally came out of the cave. Andy really enjoyed it because his family was big into caving when he was little. This was a type of cave they didn't visit often (being from Utah and all) and so it was an adventure!
Walking down the steep stairs. Look closely at Jesse- the black band on his hat is a flash light! He insisted on having one just like papa and dad. :)
We had a great time regardless the discomfort of bug bites and sleeping on an air mattress. I would do it again if it meant some well spent time with my family! Ps I now only have 6 WEEKS left and am counting down the days! Until later!
To see more pictures (from a better camera and more experienced photographer aka my mum) click here.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Playing in the park

I finally decided to brave the heat this afternoon and spend some time at the park. It is a secluded little park where very few people visit. It is sad that Jesse doesn't have anyone to play with but we keep occupied. One nice thing about it is that it has a GIANT field behind it that is SHADED which is LOVELY! We slumbered in the grass, played, picked flowers, and just enjoyed the cooler shade. There is a river close by which I am sure you can get to from the park, but I will explore that option with Andy sometime. I got a few cute pictures of Jesse and I laying around-
Here he is flying his airplane.

The heat can be enjoyable so get out there!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, we finally got a new camera- just a cheapy one, and I am still getting used to the settings and finding the best ones for each situation. That is why you will find a few blurry and funny colored pictures in this post......
To start off our month, it was Andy's birthday- his 26th!! Man he is getting old! But still young at heart :) He wanted a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting so I tried to make it look a little more masculine with some chocolate piping on the top. I am not good at piping so it turned out looking a little bit...sloppy. Still yummy though.
Jesse is CRAZY about birthdays and any opportunity that he can sing happy birthday to someone he does- including himself on random occasions. Here he is enjoying some cake!
A silly face (suppose to be a smile).
One day I became ambitious (and was feeling the nesting vibe big time) and decided to make some pretzels! They were wheat and quite tasty but Andy didn't LOVE them so the next batch was made with half wheat and half regular flour. I am LOVING them and have made them several times since. A good snack!

Toppings were: sesame seeds, cinnamon and sugar, and kosher salt (for the second time I made them).
We grew tomatoes this year and they went a little crazy- there are two planted in a pot on our balcony and I am amazed they both survived. It is the 11th of August and we have eaten two red ones so far with many more to come!
In our spare time, Andy and I have taken up cribbage quite seriously. There was a time when he beat me over and over (seriously like 20 times in a row) but now the beginners luck has worn off for him and we compete evenly. It is a fun way to enjoy some quite time and do something together.
Jesse building some blocks.
The family reunion we have once every two years came up with year and we headed to the beach (Barview) to camp and attend the festivities. It was just Jesse and I camping with my sister Anne, Bro-in-law Matt, Paul and his gf Kayla, and a bit later Kristin. It was fun, but tiring. Lets just say and I am NOT going camping again during this pregnancy without Andy. Jesse was good but keeping an eye on him was busy- this was his 2nd camping trip EVER!
We went to one of our favorite beaches Cape Mear. I locked my keys in the car and my cousin, Brent, helped me fix the problem. Thanks Brent!!!
Of course we had to have a bonfire and roast hot dogs. This particular hot dog was dropped in the sand because Jesse insisted that he hold it- but then I wiped it off and insisted that he eat it. Ha..thats what you get you little stink! :)
Anne and Matt brought up their kyack and let Jesse go for his first ride! He seemed to love it, although he sat very stiffly the entire time! I didn't get a chance to go but I wasn't all the broken up because water isn't my favorite thing- especially when I am prego.
Off they go (Uncle Matt, Jesse, and cousin Than)
During the reunion they had a sawdust coin hunt and Jesse (with a little help from Auntie Kristin and Mom) found a nice little pile! It was dusty but fun. :)
It has been a while since we visited Tillamook so we made a quick stop at the cheese factory and did the traditional things: take a cow picture,
hug (and kiss) the cows,
spy on the workers,
and of course eat some ice cream. This particular variety was sticky bun. YUM!
This was the last morning of camping and I had given up trying to keep Jesse clean. He rolled around, sat in, and kick the dirt.
This was his favorite spot because you could see the neighbors next door. They were Asian and had some cute little girls that talked to Jesse.
Andy and I laughed when we saw what Jesse made the other day. Jesse LOVES to watch this music video by Ben Folds (and practically has all the songs memorized). He usually plays his piano, but this day his bright little mind made up this microphone to sing into as well out of his pipes. It is now a common occurrence.
Well, that is all for now, but I am sure more pictures are to come! I am 7 and 3/4 months along and it is going quickly! I recently changed OB's and am hoping this new one is a little more....understanding. The next couple of weeks are filled with more camping trips and spending time together as a family awaiting our new arrival!