Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oliver William

So my little Oliver is now 2 months old and I haven't posted on his birth! I'm sure several of you have seen this pictures, but maybe soon I can get my pictures my Mom took because her are MUCH better than my phone pictures.
I scheduled Oliver's c-section about 3 months before I had him. Having had two previous c-sections my doctor wanted to just plan the third one so any unseen complications couldn't play out. I wasn't too disappointed about this decision because c-sections are all I have known and although more expensive, I was used to them and knew what to expect. 
August 24th rolled around with braxton hicks contractions pretty regularly but my body didn't even THINK about going into labor. That would be too easy.. SO we got up at 5:30 the morning of the appointment and Andy and I headed in. My mom and sister, Katie, had stayed the night before and we had stayed up playing games late. I also got about one hour of sleep worrying about the next day. So lets just say I was a little tired. Everything went so smoothly! The IV went in really well (with Charlotte it was a NIGHTMARE!), they monitored Oliver for an hour and he was looking good. My friend, Brittania, relieved my Mom and Sister at home so they were able to be at the hospital with us. My Dad also came by shortly that morning, as well as my sister Anne. I walked back to the OR room and went in without Andy. They sat me on the table and got my spinal started. This was the part I was MOST worried about- even though the last experience had gone so well. The "drug doctor" that worked on me was in her residency but she had a more experience dr standing by making sure it went well. She only tapped one nerve, which if you have experienced isn't necessarily painful, but a BIG shock to your body. In my experience, it was down my leg. The medication was also taking its time spreading through my body and for some reason they wanted it to go faster and lowered my head to the floor and had my laying at a 45 degree angle downward (not so comfortable!). This worked TOO well and soon I was hyperventilating because I felt like I couldn't breathe well. They tried to reassure me that my oxygen levels were fine but it didn't feel like it!! Everything calmed down after what seemed like several minutes of panic (on my part) and then it was a breeze! I don't care who you  are, drugs in this instance are AMAZING! I felt so high (not that I have experienced that before....) and was so relaxed and ready to have the whole thing happen. Andy came in all scrubbed up (yes they made my go through the worst part alone!) and the doctors proceeded to deliver my health baby. They were cutting and suctioning and all that good stuff and then alerted me when they were about ready to puncture the "water" and all the fluids surrounding Oliver. They did that and pulled out his head and before he was even free of everything he was screaming. It took several minutes to calm him down, but I was so relieved to just hear him that I was teary. Even typing this now I am amazed at what a miracle birth is and that my little Oliver was so healthy and strong when he was born. He was a small 7 lb 14 oz and 20 inches long. They had no problems and we immediately went into recovery (after the long process of stitching and removing stuff...) where Oliver was sticking his tongue out over and over. He still does this when he is hungry. His first time nursing he was a CHAMP! NO problem whatsoever latching on and has been a breeze since. It was then that I knew I had a gem of a baby. He hardly cried- except when he was cold. And when he got angry he was ANGRY and had quite a voice! 
The hospital was wonderful and my stay was TOO short :). But going home went well and the kids were excited to have us home. Thank goodness for my Mom and Sister because I wouldn't have survived the next couple of weeks without them. And that's it! Not much more to report. Oliver is one GOOD baby! Even now at his 2 months, he has slept completely through the night 2 times, sleeps in his crib for both regular naps and night time. He smiles (see below) and is such a cute addition to our family! We couldn't have asked for a better baby or brother. Jesse and Charlotte truly adore him and coo and talking to him all the time. We call him Oli-bear for his nick-name, and love to pinch his cute fat chubs. Enjoy a few pictures, and I'll try to get some more up soon. :)
Me the morning of delivery:
 About an hour old:
 Sleeping at hospital, so cute!
 Apparently I wasn't the only one tired...
 One good daddy :)
 Adoring fans
  Grandma Farr
 Grandpa (William) Farr :)
 Finally home and alert
 Today: November 4th, 2012. My chubby little man! 95th percentile for weight and head circumference, 50th percentile for height. Love it!
 Just hanging out being out happy boy!
How thankful I am that Heavenly Father has given me such precious little spirits to mother.