Friday, January 22, 2010

My little man turns two!!

Jesse turned two on January 5th, 2010. I can't believe he
he is so grown up!!! There are many pictures to follow so enjoy!
His birthday cake was themed Wall-E. He LOVES
the movie and at one point watched it twice a day.
This cake was made special by Jesse's Auntie Kristin.
He saw it and wanted to touch it....
I think he was pretty pleased about it.
Blowing out his candles. He doesn't get much
air flow through those lips, so......
.....Mama had to help.
Traditionally licking the candles. In his case, biting them
because he was unsure why I was sticking it in his mouth.

These are the Wall-E figurines that I bought online
from the Disney Store. They were quick to ship them
since I only came up with the cake idea days before his
Andy's brothers, robert and brent, were visiting this weekend
and Jesse loved seeing his Uncle bobby and uncle bubba.
Silly Andy.
Snarfing down cake.
Present time! It was fun to watch Jesse open presents
because he was excited to open them.
Some NEAT books that he got from his Grandma and
Grandpa Summers in Utah.
Some pipes that his dad bought and cut up
so he could put them together (definitely his favorite gift).
Open this now!
Okay maybe I will open one more present....
Open this present now!
With his papa!
He got a tool set with a COOL screw driver!
It actually works, makes the right sound, and
you can reverse the direction of the drilling!
Dad had to "help" him put together his pipes.
This was the morning that Brent and Robert left for Utah.
It was fun to have them here and Jesse loved it!
A couple of days later Auntie Kristin decided to do a little
photo shoot. Love these pictures!

Well that's my Jesse and most of what has happened in the
last little while. I still am arranging my house and cleaning it in a way that
it is presentable for pictures so stay tuned...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well we are finally moved into our new place and how exciting it is!!! We moved to Camas, Washington. It is located just right outside Vancouver, Washington and is only miles away from many of my favorite stores. We picked this location because Andy just transferred to the Boneville Dam working armed security. This is a new step in our lives and we are looking forward to many new memories and fun activities done in this area! our new address is:

1718 SE 11th Street
apartment 202
Camas, WA 98607

We are only minutes away from Anne and Matt (the closest we have been to them in.....well a long time). We are minutes away from Ikea, a fabulous super wal-mart store, a cute new library in historic camas, the beautiful Colombia river (have I convinced you to come visit yet?), and TREES!!!! Oh man I am happy that the summer will be green and there is water near by. Our apartment has many wonderful features including a huge kitchen, a walk in closet, a big bathroom and the list goes on.

Our next step in our lives is complicated. Our little boy just turned two and that is about how many years we wanted between our kids. BUT Andy still needs to go through school, and I would like to find a job subbing or teaching in the area. This leaves having more kids is being put on the back burner(...or does it? we shall see). I am days away from receiving my Utah license. I will then get my Washington license and go from there. Andy is excited to learn there is a fantastic volunteer fire department in the area and he is going to go check it out sometime this week. We have many wonderful things ahead of us but most of all we have been very blessed by a Father in Heaven who is watching out for us.

If you are in the area and are passing through, don't hesitate to call! I will post pictures soon when there are not as many boxes and clutter around!