Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Park time!

I really am blessed to live in such a beautiful area!
Right in our back yard is this view! There is a little
park/picnic area back behind our house and
it is kept up so well! We visit this place almost
every day. There is a little river running
through the area that we like to get our feet
wet in too! Enjoy some pictures of our typical
day to the park.

This was not actually in the park but when we came home.
It was so hot we had to play in the sprinklers!
Time to take a push in the stroller!

He finally discovered that there was something on his head!
If there is dirt, Jesse will play in it.
Look, a bird! Haha. We are trying to teach Jesse
how to say "cheese" so we at least get normal
looks on his face during pictures. Obviously it didn't
work in this picture
Of course we had to get a pose in the tree!
The lillacs were in bloom and they were beautiful!
Walking up and down the bridge was very facinating for some reason..
Don't take for granted what a beautiful world we live in!
Beauty is always right out the backdoor!