Thursday, May 15, 2008


So this is Jesse's new look. And he puts it on
whenever anybody but mom and dad look at him.
This one was because his Aunt Tiffany was looking
at him. He is the worst with his grandma summers!
Hopefully it is just a phase. Apparently I was the same
way when i was younger and I wouldn't even let my dad
hold me sometimes!
But he turned happy because his daddy was holding him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

These are for Anne

I promsied pictures of my house to Anne about a year ago,
so I am FINALLY getting around to them. The thing I like about
my house is that it seems very ordinary on the outside and
then when you walk inside it is very nice! Newly painted walls,
nice carpet, and we didn't have to do a single thing to it! It wasn't
until my mom came that she made some changes to the inside
to make it a little more...colorful.

These are the flower gardens that Andy made for me last
year for my mother's day present. I love them, and just getting
around to planting flowers. There are the small rose bushes,
a taller rose bush on the other side, and some Lupine starters.
I have found a new hobby!!

Okay so this isn't a great picture but this is what my tree in my front

yard has all over it! I have not quite figured out what kind of tree it

is but it is very pretty in the spring.

These are some of the decorations that Mom made. New

curtains, new pictures, new lamps and practically a new bathroom:

So this is my house! We have been living here for over a year now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Four months and growing

So i cannot emphasize how much jesse loves his daddy..
He is doing so much better with lifting his head off
of the floor! I get so excited when he does!

This look says: why are you not paying attention to me?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

four months old

I put this picture to illustrate how much jesse
seems to be getting around now. He started out under
the arches and can now do a full 180!
He likes to go for rides!
To keep him happy- i had a lot to do so i just stuck
him in his carrier- he likes it and can't quite
reach anything yet so it still works for a little while

Auntie Katie came to visit and she helped during bath time!

Uncle Robert was down as well- and he bought jesse some

signing videos. Robert put him on, sat him in front of the tv

and jesse was inthrawled!

afterwards he was tuckered out

katie curled my hair while she was here- it made me feel pretty!