Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trip to Utah

Loads of pictures coming your way! I can't seem to do a blog without pictures, most likely because I am so visual I like to see pictures myself! We headed to Utah on the 24th of July for two weeks of double weddings. Andy's brother Robert got married on the 27th, while Andy's sister, Lisa, on the 3rd of August. We were able to squeeze a few things in between... 
 Our road trips have become something for me to look forward to. Each trip there is something new that I find to help with the long trip and it keeps things interesting. Last road trip: a pulley system and pockets for toys. This road trip: buckets attached to the windows. Next road trip will be hard to top. We pretty much have our routines down. 

 Always lots of coloring on a road trip, with lots of lost crayons. 
Lots of sleeping too. 

Here was the temp outside as we came into one town. I'm not sure what down it was, but it never got below 90 (during the day) the entire time we were there. YUCK!

We stayed mid-way in a hotel. Obviously it was life saving, as the kids had WAAAY too much energy built up. 8 hours in a car is long enough, thank you!

 Oliver didn't even blink before heading off to explore whatever he could. (He is typically clinging to me in new situations)
 We stayed in a suite and it is really the only way to go. Plenty of room. Fridge. Room to shut the kids in :) The kids loved it!
We had to ride a green dinosaur the the first sinclair station we saw!

 The morning after: Oliver and I were up very early. As you can see in the next few pictures, he was still enjoying his freedom from the car. 

 So happy to be out of the car he was kissing the floor haha
We went with Grandma and grandpa to the store to do some pre-wedding shopping for food. We had to use three shopping cars and this was only one of them! I won't even tell you how much was spent- but just know, weddings are EXPENSIVE!

 Sam's Club, where Grandma works. We even got a free cookie!
I don't remember the actual day I got this pedicure, but it was sometime during the week..
Day of wedding: this is the only picture I got of Robert's wedding day! We had actually left the temple and were headed to lunch at Golden Coral. These kids were inseparable during the trip. We have missed our cousins! 
 Monday we headed to the Union Station Museum in Ogden. They had several museums to peruse: Railroad museum, cowboy museum, old car museum and browning firearms museum (andy's favorite of course). We had several of the cousins with us again as well as Jesus, Tiffany's husband.  

 There were many things to see and do!
Next morning we went for a walk to the close by park. They insisted on bringing their drawings.

We visited the Aerospace Museum by the Hill Air force Base. We had seen it before, but it is always fun to watch the kid's faces. They liked this plane with the "angry face."

And yet another day we headed to Salt Lake City to visit "This is the Place Monument." None of us had been there so it was a treat. We stopped by Steph's in Morgan to get lunch. So good!!! 
 My favorite part of this trip was probably the drive through the back of the canyons to Salt Lake. We drove through East Canyon and it was GORGEOUS! This was a dam where there were camping spots, and swimming holes and beautiful views. Definitely a place we will have to go back and visit!
 We arrived at the top of the summit and this was the view we had below. Simply amazing! Andy and I were both in awe as we realized how much we miss when we take the main roads! You can barely see Salt Lake City in the distance...
Of course there were a million of these so it was a good thing I was doing the driving!
Another canyon we came across. It doesn't do the colors justice! 
 When we arrived it was a scorcher of a day and we didn't stay long. In fact we didn't do much here at all. We looked at the statues and read some touching words. It was just amazing to think of the pioneers climbing the hills that we had just driven and finally arriving at their destination. 

Here is a picture of a family kneeling in prayer- something I am sure they all did as they realized their journey was finished! What a humbling experience it was to stand in their shoes for a few moments. 
And here is us at the splash pad. Small, but effective in use of cooling off. 

 I had to put this picture in because it makes me so happy! Andy was able to go with me to church for the first time in a while.. I was in heaven!  
Lisa's wedding day:

 (Lisa in background)

 There were many parks visited while we were in Utah. This was a park in Morgan that we went to with Brent's wife, Diana. It was a fun relaxing day to spend together. 
 And of course it wouldn't be a visit to the Summer's house if some games weren't played. It was the perfect ending to our vacation. Most everyone was together and we had many laughs together!

Overall it was a good trip. I was happy to get home and be back in my own bed, but we will miss our loved ones in Utah!

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The Farrs said...

Finally took a minute to look at these. Wonderful pictures and commentary! It's not hard to tell you all had a very good time. Families are wonderful, aren't they?